Pair development-User Demand Research Report

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Project name: Arbitrary screenshot small Software Item Number: 01
Research topic: Survey User's general demand for screenshot software

Interview Time: 15/4/14 19:00~21:00

Research location: Iron Colonel Beinecke, library, a teaching
Interview Department: The College and other college students
Participants: Zhang Yapeng, team members, 1361331146
1. Purpose of the interview

Determine the basic and advanced features that our screenshot software implements

2. Key issues

1, by the way of questionnaire, select the representative question, let the researcher choose the answer

2, through the form of interviews, to carry out a specific aspect of the inquiry

3, accurate analysis of the research results

3. Research Records

1) Research Templates

Screenshot Software Questionnaire

College: Name: Contact information:

Hello, we are the College of Computer Science and technology junior students, is now doing a survey of screenshots software, hoping to occupy your precious time, help us complete the following survey, thank you!

1. Frequently used screenshot software?

A, System comes with B, QQ screenshot C, Printscreen key D, other

2. Do you think there is any need to improve the software used now?

A, more B, General C, no

3. What are the most attractive features of the screenshot software you have used?

A, shortcut key start B, you can customize the save path

C, graffiti on the captured pictures D, other

4. What advanced features do you want your screenshot software to have? (Multiple selection)

A, occupy Memory small B, shortcut key start

C, can intercept any shape D, can intercept a specific shape of the border

E, picture editing functions (such as graffiti) F, other

5, for the interception of long pictures, you think the need for scrolling windows?

A, Big B, big C, not very

6. What is the desired user interface? (Multiple selection)

A, similar to QQ (first cut after selection) B, menu-style window (first selected after the cut)

C, after the completion of the picture editor D, do not pop pictures

7. Which of the following options do you prefer (multiple selection)?

A, shortcut key start, any B, do not adhere to third-party software (such as QQ)

C, graffiti, image editing function D, reduced functionality, only basic functions

8. What features do you think the software needs? What is the software you want to look like?

4. Problem Feedback

5. Legacy issues

Users, but we are currently unable to answer or implement development issues:

1, voice;

2. Capturing GIF motion diagram;

6. Related Information
    • Questionnaire survey original sample;
    • Questionnaire survey data collection sample;
    • Sample of survey results;
    • Data Analysis Results Record sample

Survey Photos

Pair development-User Demand Research Report

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