Pair programming of two-person team project

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First, the project name: simulating the operation of the planet.

Description: Use the Java language to edit the program to simulate the operation of the planet, but, due to the haste of time, limited capacity, which contains only the Sun, Earth, Moon, Mars.

Second, part of the code.

Third, the operation.

Four or two people group photo.

Five, the agreed norms.

In eclipse, you format the code when you save it, and then click Windows Preferences java-editor-save Actions, save the code, and automatically format the specification.

Vi. allocation of time records.

1. Identify the topic: 15%

2. Write code: 45%

3. Modification code: 25%

4. Code upload and write blog: 15%

Seven, the experience.

Rarely do projects with others, two people are the most important. This allows us to recognize the shortcomings of their own, but also through the other side to learn better knowledge. Hope to be able to study together in the future, and make progress together.

Pair programming of two-person team project

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