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The production of 3D board game has come to an end. This time I am working with shaoqing Ren to do 3D black and white games. In the pair work stage, he mainly works on the Silverlight UI, And I am mainly engaged in AI (I used wuziqi AI in my sophomore year, so I am familiar with this ).

Pair work has some advantages

1. One person writesCodeA person looks at it, so that mutual supervision and mutual review can make the logic clear and reduce errors. Sometimes, when I think of a piece of code, there are errors, which can be pointed out by Ren shaoqing.

2. When debugging, the two people thought about where the bug may be, and many bugs were solved at once.

3. In terms of functions, we will all come up with some good idea, such as some animations and improving UX.

However, sometimes there are some bad things. For example, when you want to use feature, sometimes there may be some different opinions, but they are all solved at the end. Everyone uses persuade to solve the problem, if necessary, try assertion.

When working on a pair project, two people always have to learn to work together. At the same time, both of them are very busy. It is really not easy to find pair work for a while. In particular, I recently applied for PhD jobs in the United States, group research, TOEFL testing, and so on. I spent two days each night, and the pressure was quite high. In this environment, I will try my best to cooperate with shaoqing. When he said there was a bug, I immediately ran upstairs to find him. Let's debug both of us.

Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Yan Xin and Ben.

(At last, the figure shows the truth at the requirement of the instructor)

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