Pairing programming-—— Game Gobang

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Job requirements: Record the process of pairing programming, written as a pair of blog 1. Pair the problem, write down the requirements 2. Upload code (), two people Co-op 3. Agreed specification 4. Recording time 5. Experience and Experience Group members: Huangpephi 045 showman 046 1, project name: Gobang Demand analysis: With the economic development, social competition is fierce, now the society entered the era of competition, working people in order to complete the company's business, the daily overload of work, students in order not to lag behind others, every day to get up late to sleep constantly learning, the pressure is huge. So in order to relieve everyone's pressure, so that everyone in the work, learning and entertainment, active brain, improve work, learning efficiency. Therefore, the puzzle game is more and more popular, Gobang as one of the puzzle games, people love, so, for the development of Gobang also has a lot of attention.       2, 3, the agreed specification code to add comments to facilitate future changes, in time to find the wrong place. Note paragraph indentation. 4, Record time September 11: Topic Discussion

September 12: Thinking Analysis

September 13-16th: Writing code

September 17: Program test

September 18: Blog Record

5. Experiences and experiences

Two people work together to design projects, programmers help each other, teach each other, you can get the complementary ability. There must be a clear division of labor, but also to cooperate with each other.

Programming yourself can waste a lot of time checking for errors, pairing programming this model of pilots and drivers reduces the time to check for errors and greatly improves productivity. But when you write your code, be sure to consider your teammates ' requirements, make comments, and change your code to communicate with your teammates.

After writing the code, you should constantly debug the program and try to perfect the code.

Pairing programming-—— Game Gobang

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