Panabit free flow and application monitoring system

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Company office network used to be H3C 3260 router, in the company number 100 people, finally can't hold up, often more than 10 computers can not get IP.

I found a hillstone in the warehouse sg6000 firewall, good things ah, unexpectedly has been hidden in the warehouse, the first Khan a ...

After the deployment of the Hillstone, found that the QOS and application detection incredibly still have to permit, heart hundreds of thousands of (horse) Soar face,

However, Chairman Mao taught us, "DIY, Clothed," TM is mainly license is too expensive, a QoS of two years 5k more.

I bought the H3C 3260 less than 3k.

There is no way to put the former Baidu Cloud Panabit to take out a tan.

You can download it here.

Because there are servers in the company network, did not dare to use the bridge, only with the bypass monitoring.

Installation will not say, need to be on the switch with a product image, I use the H3C s5024,:

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Specific: Create a Mirror Group first, then modify the port

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At last:

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Panabit free flow and application monitoring system

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