Panda Incense Virus Source Code Revelation

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With the "Panda incense" virus, the perpetrators of the arrest, about "panda incense" virus hazards and anti-virus storm, but with the "Panda incense" virus source code in the online epidemic, a hidden great harm as if only just begun.

First, the introduction

Last fall back home, coincided with the autumn harvest in the home "Sacrifice house God." During, listen to in-laws two Niang in the "Ten Pillars of Incense," The Buddha Song, Deep feeling: The people incense wish is immortal happiness, hope is the family peace-this is as a food and clothing people from the heart of the wish! But now, waiting for the whole nation, borns celebrating the arrival of the Golden Pig Festival, figure 1 in the first step of the man to burn incense to almost every household, burned everyone, everyone shouted "kill".

Ask this man: What do you want to do?

Figure 1. " Panda incense "virus infects file icon after executable file.

In a short period of one months, "panda incense" authors repeatedly released updated version of the Variant virus, each time for the previous design of the imperfect to modify, each update is a few of the destruction of infection. Why did he work so hard to develop the virus program? I very much agree with some anti-virus software experts point of view-"Panda incense" with a strong commercial purpose, users infected with the virus, will be clicked from the background of foreign websites, some variants contain Trojan horse, virus author can take this profit ... ".

Recently, an alleged "panda incense" virus source code is spreading on the internet, anyone with Google or Baidu and other search tools can easily get (I also get the code). After a rough analysis of the code, we noticed that the virus was particularly destructive when it was infected with the Japanese operating system, but also caused serious damage to windows in other languages.

In this article, I would like to write a Delphi based on the "Panda incense Source" For further analysis, and to elaborate on their own views.

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