Paper 47:latex Chinese Display (EXT)

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Chinese support needs Cjk-latex, the Chinese can use GB and GBK two fonts, GBK need to copy *.TTC or *.ttf from Windows, GB fonts are used under Linux.
First say support GB of Chinese display, install the following Deb package:
Apt-get Install Cjk-latex Tetex-extra tetex-doc TFM-ARPHIC-GBSN00LP tfm-arphic-gkai00mp TTF-ARPHIC-GBSN00LP TTF-ARPHIC-GKAI00MP,
Edit Tex Source Files Sample.tex
coosbay:~/tex# Cat Sample.tex
Show Chinese
Next only latex sample.tex is needed; DVIPDFM Sample.dvi can generate sample.pdf files. GB supports both {song} and {kai} fonts.
If you need to support GBK font files, you will need to install Texmf-zh (this package is in the USTC directory, including install-gbkfonts,update-gbkfonts,remove-gbkfonts three commands)
Running Install-gbkfonts *.ttf def
Description: Here def is the name used later in the Tex file, must be lowercase, uppercase not!
Tex files are as follows
Show Chinese
The process of making PDFs is the same as on GB. All TEXMF related files are under/usr/share/texmf-zh.
The English Tex does not need CJK packages. PDF files can be generated directly Pdflatex *.tex.
The specific Tex typesetting format also needs to be studied slowly. These are the mini-howto of TETEX+CJK under Debian.
No more worrying about producing PDF files, ~cheer!
Previously on different systems have done latex in Chinese, and system files are put together, re-install the system is gone, this time reference several articles, found in fact very simple, re-install the system is not related.
1 installation of the pre-Tex package
Apt-get Install Tetex-bin tetex-base tetex-extra Cjk-latex dvipdfm-cjk-cmap
And then on
Download the gbkfonts executable file as long as the gbkfonts static link file is available, then chmod +x gbkfonts && CP Gbkfonts/usr/local/bin
2 Set up Texmf-local recommendation do not put directly under the/USR/SHARE/TEXMF, so that later upgrade inconvenient. Suppose your Chinese font is like Simsun.ttf simkai.ttf ... The file is placed under/usr/share/fonts/zh and is now configured as a normal user.
mkdir ~/TEXMF
Gbkfonts/usr/share/fonts/zh/simsun.ttf Song
Gbkfonts/usr/share/fonts/zh/simkai.ttf Kai
Other fonts are generated in the same way.
3 Configuration Files
MV dvipdfm/config/
MV dvips/config/
Cp/usr/share/texmf/dvips/config/ dvips/config/
echo ' P ' >> dvips/config/
MV Pdftex.cfg pdftex/config/
4 Testing
This is latex.
Then latex test && DVIPDFM test should be able to generate test.pdf files.
The advantage of this is that after each reinstallation of the system as long as the basic Tex environment and Cjk-latex package installed, as long as the run MKTEXLSR is OK, because the ~/TEXMF directory is the default MKTEXLSR search path.
Supplement: With
CP-APL */usr/share/texmf/
Copy best, Debian texmt many are symlink

Paper 47:latex Chinese Display (EXT)

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