Paramics API Programming Configuration

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A. Create a win32dll Project

Two Set include path

According to the paramics installation directory, find the programmer directory under the installation directory , respectively, the following include, Lib,plugins three folders.

In the corresponding compiler set include include path,lib Library directory path, add the lib Library directory of the corresponding Lib dependencies, a total of Estimator.lib , Modeller.lib , Simcore.lib

Three Add #include "programmer.h" to the test program header file

Add the following test program to the test code

void Qpx_net_postopen (void)


qps_gui_printf ("\nhello world!\n");


The qps_gui_printf function is a function in the Paramics if the compilation is included correctly through the description file path. The created DLL file is generated under the built-in project file debug file.

Four Place the generated DLL file in the paramics installation directory, such as \program Files\paramicsv6

Five Create a new txt text file under the network folder you want to use and modify it to Programmer.mode

Ller, writes the generated DLL name in the file , such as Xx.dll.

Six. With modeller Open the road network file, in the Span style= "font-family: ' Times New Roman ';" >modeller software info  browser " dll active Span style= "font-family: the song Body;" > or false

Seven If all the steps are correct,plugins also shows false , you can put the network file in the programmer.modeller inside the dll to Absolute path try.

Paramics API Programming Configuration

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