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The company's project, passed back by JSON is this thing:

NewsId ":" 94f52614-8764-46d7-a5fe-d0da1fe878ed "," Newstitle ":" The large-scale public elective course "sustainable development and the future" series Two of modern economy (green economy) began to select online Class registration "," Newscontent ":" <span style= "font-size:12pt;font-family: Song body; color:black;line-height:150%;" ><span> recently, accompanied by our school Zheng academician, Professor Dong in Siping, Jiading held a wonderful speech, this semester, our school to build a large public elective course "sustainable development and the future" series one has been successfully concluded. This course is also one of the core compulsory courses of our university </span> "<span> Sustainable development specialty </span>" <span>. </span></span> 
<p style= "text-indent:21pt;" >
..... </span>

The root cause of unresolved queries is the double quotes "" and the backslash "\".

It is not possible to escape JSON directly, otherwise it will escape the double quotes from the JSON itself, so it cannot be escaped with brute force

How to find online:

Change the double quotation marks inside the bad JSON data to Chinese double quotes (whatever, as long as it's not double quotes) public
	String Jsonstringconvert (string s) {
    		char[] temp = S.tochararray ();    
    		int n = temp.length;
    		for (int i =0;i<n;i++) {
      	if (temp[i]== ': ' &&temp[i+1]== ' ') {for
          (int J =i+2;j<n;j++) {
            if ( temp[j]== ' "') {
              if (temp[j+1]!= ', ' && temp[j+1]!= '} ') {
                temp[j]= '";
              } else if (temp[j+1]== ', ' | | temp[j+1]== '} ') {break
    }}}} return new String (temp);

This method can be used to escape double quotes outside of the double quotes of the JSON itself into Chinese double quotes (anything else). This can be escaped as the correct JSON string.


Before this method, the HTML code should also be used to space, otherwise JSON will not be able to parse, go to the space method:

public string Replaceblank (String str) {
		string dest = "";
	if (str!= null) {pattern
			p = pattern.compile ("\\s*|\t|\r|\n");
		Matcher m = p.matcher (str);
			Dest = M.replaceall ("");
			Pattern P2 = pattern.compile ("\\s*\");
			Matcher m2 = p2.matcher (dest);
			Dest = M2.replaceall ("\");
			Dest = Dest.replace ("=\" "," = ' ");
			p = pattern.compile ("\" \0*>);
			m = P.matcher (dest);
			Dest = M.replaceall (">");
		return dest;
} </span>

The above parsing error Rich Text JSON string (with double quotes) Quick Solution is small series to share all the content, hope to give you a reference, but also hope that we support cloud habitat community.

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