Parsing HTML Language (iii) file tags

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Parsing HTML language

File tags

To understand the "HTML analysis" of the tag classification, please see "Mark list."
Please also understand the difference between containment mark and empty tag. See "HTML Concept".

HTML Basic Schema:
The following HTML Source Code is the basic schema for an HTML file:

<TITLE> title of page </TITLE>
The content of the Web page, many of the tags are used for this

Feature Commentary:

The entire file is between Mark <HTML> and </HTML>.
<HTML> to declare this HTML file so that the browser recognizes and processes the HTML file correctly.

The file is divided into two parts, from <HEAD> to </HEAD> called the beginning,<body> to </BODY> is called this article.
Basically each has the applicable tag, such as <TITLE> can only appear in the beginning.

The first part is used to store important information, and only the part of this article is displayed.
So most of the tags are used in this section.

<TITLE> indicates the title of the file.
Appears at the top of the browser and is the name for someone else's Bookmark, so each page has a different and clear title that is needed.
Only <BODY> parameters are set in the above tags.

<BODY> parameter setting:
<body text= "#000000" link= "#0000FF" alink= "#FF0000" vlink= "#0000FF" background= "Bg1.gif" bgcolor= "#FFFFFF" leftmargin=2 topmargin=2 bgproperties= "fixed" >

text= "#000000"
Used to set the text color. #000000 represents black, you can also use the name of the color, that is, text=. The values and names of the various colors can be referenced in the "Color Principle" section.

link= "#0000FF"
Sets the general text link color.

alink= "#FF0000"
Set the text link color just when pressed.

vlink= "#0000FF"
Set the color after the link. (Has been pressed).

Background= "Bg1.gif"
Set Background wallpaper. GIF or JPEG can be an absolute or relative approach.

Bgcolor= "#FFFFFF"
Sets the background color. When you set the background wallpaper, you will lose effect, unless the wallpaper has a transparent part.

Set the entire file to display the left edge of the screen space, the unit is pixel. "Apply to IE only"

Set the entire file to display the top edge space of the picture. "Apply to IE only"

bgproperties= "Fixed"
Fixed background wallpaper, the wallpaper will not scroll when scrolling text. "Apply to IE only"
The letter size of the tag and the parameter is OK. Other events such as OnLoad will be described in "Java Script profiling."

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