Parsing partitions in Ubuntu Linux

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Linux requires that each hard disk device can contain a maximum of four primary partitions (including extended partitions). Any extended partition occupies a primary partition number, that is, a hard disk, the maximum number of primary and extended partitions is four. For earlier DOS and Windows (versions earlier than Windows 2000), the system recognizes only one primary partition. You can add a logical drive letter (logical partition) to the extended partition, further refine the partition.
The main partition is used by the computer to start the operating system.Program, Should be stored in the primary partition. This is the biggest difference between primary and extended partitions and logical partitions. This is the best example when we specify the bootloader for Linux installation and boot on the primary partition.
Linux requires that the primary partition (or extended partition) occupies the first four numbers from 1 to 16. Taking the first IDE hard disk as an example, the primary partition (or extended partition) occupies hda1, hda2, hda3, and hda4, while the logical partition occupies 12 numbers from hda5 to hda16. Therefore, each Hard Disk in Linux has a total of 16 partitions.
For logical partitions, Linux requires that they must be built on extended partitions (also in DOS and Windows systems), rather than on the primary partition. Therefore, we can see that the extended partition provides a more flexible partition mode, but it cannot be used as a boot for the operating system.
In principle, it is best to mount two partitions/AND/home separately, because home can be regarded as mydocument in windows. If you have more personal data, home must be larger. /It doesn't matter if it is small. It is said that at least 2 GB, and I have never tried it. Others such as/tmp and/var because there are a lot of active files, to avoid the impact of their file fragments on other areas, it is best for them to mount a zone. Finally,/OPT mainly installs large software. If there are extra partitions, you can mount one for it.

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