Parsing PDB file output type information –dumppdb tool

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This article was originally issued in 2015-11-29

PDB is Microsoft's debug information format, generated by VS, convenient source debugging. PDB file contains the variables, functions, types, source line number and other information, with VS (or WinDbg debugger) debugging binary, in the source code up and down breakpoints, source single step, display variable value and other functions need to have PDB file.

The Dumppdb tool provided in this article can parse PDB files and output type information, such as struct definitions. Extracting the type definition inside of IDA is easier to import. These type definitions may also be used when writing programs.

Specify the PDB file name to resolve, run dumppdb, output redirect to a text file

The following shows the definition of the kprocess struct in ntdll.pdb

If there are classes in the PDB, you can also display the relevant definitions

Download: dumppdb_1.1.2.7z

Parsing PDB file output type information –dumppdb tool

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