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A lot of recent posts ask how to get the content out of the database and then wrap it, which means regular expressions. In short, regular expressions are a powerful tool that can be used for pattern matching and substitution. We can find regular expressions in many programming languages, such as the VI editor, the Perl or PHP scripting language, and awk or sed shell programs. In addition, scripting languages such as JavaScript clients also provide support for regular expressions. Thus, regular expressions have gone beyond the limits of a language or a system and become a widely accepted concept and function.
Regular expressions allow the user to build a matching pattern by using a series of special characters, then compare the matching pattern with the target objects such as data file, program input, and form input of the Web page, and execute the corresponding program according to whether the matching pattern is included in the comparison object.
I mainly explain multiple lines of text wrapping display:
Sub Show (STR) ' Multiple lines of text display function
Str=replace (STR,CHR), <br> & Chr (+CHR (10))
Str=replace (STR,CHR (32), "")
Response.Write Str
End Sub
The regular Expression object method is used here: Replace () side

The Replace method syntax is as follows:


Replaces the text found in the regular expression lookup.


Object. Replace (string1, string2)

The syntax for the Replace method consists of the following sections:

Partial description

Required for object. Always the name of a RegExp object.

String1 is required. String1 is the string that will be replaced with text.

String2 is required.
String2 is a replacement text string.

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