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Part 2: install and configure PHP. After Apache is installed, you can finally get started with PHP. let's get started. First, decompress the downloaded file. if you like the directory, I have installed it for Apache and can finally get started with PHP. so let's get started. First, decompress the downloaded file. if you like the directory, I will decompress it to D: \ php5 for convenience. If you want to change the path, remember to change all the following paths. Since the content involved in this tutorial is relatively simple, I will not make any images.

Next, you need to connect PHP to the Apache server. the specific steps are as follows:

1. rename "php. ini-recommended" under the D: \ php5 directory to "php. ini ";
2. set "php. ini files are copied to the Windows or WinNT Directory, depending on the operating system. for example, if WindowXP and Windows2003 are C: \ Windows, Windows2000 is C: \ Winnt.
3. Open the "php. ini" file and modify the following important keywords (tip: press Ctrl + F on the keyboard for keyword search ):
• Find extension_dir = "./" and change it to the ext path in your PHP directory, and change it to extension_dir = "D: \ php5 \ ext"

• If garbled characters are displayed later in Chinese
; Default_charset = "iso-8859-1" changed
Dfault_charset = "gbk" (remove the semicolon above to indicate that the setting takes effect, which is the case below)

• We will use session objects to store data in the future.
; Session. save_path = "/tmp" this is
Session. save_path = "D:/php5/session" (of course, you need to create a session folder by yourself)

• Find display_errors and cgi. force_redirect and change them
Display_errors = ON
Cgi. force_redirect = 0
(Please pay attention to the modification of the semicolon. if there is a semicolon or no semicolon, I will not remind you later)

• Remove all the semicolons in the following statements:
; Extension = php_dba.dll
; Extension = php_dbase.dll
; Extension = php_filepro.dll
; Extension = php_gd2.dll
; Extension = php_imap.dll
; Extension = php_mysql.dll
; Extension = php_mysqli.dll (if this line does not exist, manually add it and remove the semicolon)

Next, we modified some file uploads and the maximum memory usage limit:
Memory_limit = 20 M
Post_max_size = 20 M
Upload_max_filesize = 20 M

Basically, this is enough. if you need to use other extension functions, you can continue to make relevant changes. because of the length, I will not introduce them here. Remember to Restart the Apache server after modification, otherwise it will not take effect.

OK. Now let's test whether the installation is successful. Create a new file info. php and save it in the D: \ PHProot folder. enter the following code and save it:
Program code
Phpinfo ();

Open the browser and enter http: // localhost/info. if php can open the following web page, it indicates that the installation is successful. otherwise, check the correct information and wish you good luck:

-- Hetty)

Click to download the world document for this tutorial.

Bytes. First, decompress the downloaded file. if you like the directory, I will try it here...

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