Part I: Black box Test (iii)

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This article focuses on another practical example of black-box testing, which is to test the WINDOWS8 Metro app with Visual Studio's UI test Project.

  1. Project requirements:
    1. Mastering the selection method of black box test strategy;
    2. Black box test method for GUI interface;
    3. The necessity of testing the software deployment process;
    4. The impact of communication and coordination between testers and designers on the results of software testing.
  2. Test preparation
    1. Windows8.1 operating system;
    2. Visual studio2012 above, this test actually uses vs2015 preview
    3. Windows8 Metro app One, this test actually uses my C # course last year's application: "Bolted block"
  3. Test steps
    1. Open vs2015 Preview;
    2. Create a new-project-coded UI test project.
    3. Select "Record action, edit UI Map assertion" in the dialog box that pops up
    4. VS will automatically create the code and generate the UIMap coded UI generator
    5. Open Win8app and click the Record button to start recording
    6. When the recording is complete, click the Pause button, click Generate code, and VS will automatically generate the corresponding action code. You can also drag the crosshair to any control to add an assertion. In the same vein, do more.
    7. Regenerate code in VS
    8. To run the test:
    9. You can see the test results
  4. Experimental summary: According to the video tutorial, I tried to test the desktop version of the application, but later found that it is not very good test Win8metro app, and for the test Win8 Metro App test project has no recording options, so you can only set assertions on the control.

Part I: Black box Test (iii)

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