Part of the private meta-property of the mobile Uc/qq browser

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Like the desktop side, in the domestic web mobile development must consider the mobile share of the previous several domestic browser of some adaptation work. Fortunately, the current mobile browser is the Wekit core of the world, single from this point of view compatible with the work of the desktop is a lot more comfortable.

Data is not listed, the current mobile home browser is the share of UC and QQ browser this to the Yankees, so do the front-end is definitely priority to consider this two goods. The following is a partial private meta attribute of the mobile Uc/qq browser, all from its developer documentation (UC Developer Center, left next doc document, QQ browser).

Part of the private meta property of the UC browser

Set the screen orientation to horizontal or vertical

<meta name= "screen-orientation" content= "Portrait|landscape" >


Set whether full screen, yes means Force browser full screen

<meta name= "Full-screen" content= "yes" >


Zooming out of scroll bars

<meta name= "viewport" content= "Uc-fitscreen=no|yes"/>


Set no after user scaling with standard browser zoom always, after set to Yes, the user zooms in to the picture and text without the horizontal scroll bar appearing.


<meta name= "LayoutMode" content= "Fitscreen|standard"/>

?? Fitscreen mode simplifies page processing, which is suitable for page reading to save traffic, Standard mode is consistent with standards browser, and once LayoutMode meta is set, users will not be available with the layout mode option provided by the browser.

Night mode

<meta name= "Nightmode" content= "enable|disable"/>

After the value of Nightmode is set to disable, even if the user uses the browser's night mode, the page's performance is still non-night mode.

Force picture Display

<meta name= "Imagemode" content= "Force"/>


? UC browser in order to save traffic, to provide users with no graphics mode, but if the page picture is essential, such as verification code, you need to force the browser to display pictures, you can set Imagemode, do not affect the sub-page. You can use Meta to set the image loading method to the entire page, if you want to set up a single picture, then the


Application Mode

<meta name= "Browsermode" content= "Application"/>


After using the application application mode, the page says the default fullscreen, suppresses the long-press menu, does not clean up, standard typesetting, and forced image display.

QQ browser x5 Kernel custom Tag description

Set screen orientation

<meta name= "x5-orientation" content= "Portrait|landscape"/>


Set Full Screen

<meta name= "X5-fullscreen" content= "true"/>


Set Screen mode

<meta name= "X5-page-mode" content= "app"/>

In the case of Jeff's actual use, found that for the control of full-screen meta tags, UC and QQ processing way slightly different: the difference is the processing system status bar , UC is directly covering the system status bar, and QQ is still retained. From the original application of the scene and the user's point of view, QQ this "pseudo-full screen" instead is more friendly.

Talk nonsense: Upgrade to the latest version of Android, found that the built-in browser has been changed to QQ X5 browser kernel, rather than the previous use of the default browser kernel. This change is worth affirming, after all, the X5 browser kernel has a relatively good support for HTML5, for the uneven quality of the Android default browser. In addition to the current dominance, more H5 scenarios may be expanded in the built-in browser. Also from this perspective, the number of UC browser market shares is at stake-if you put the built-in browser into a QQ browser.

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Part of the private meta-property of the mobile Uc/qq browser

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