Participate in EMBA training to build team execution

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At the weekend, I attended an EMBA seminar for senior managers at Huazhong University of Science and Technology to build a team execution course! The speech delivered by Mr. Gao was impressive.

The improvement of team execution consists of a four-step cycle: Approval-> Start-> acceleration-> correction.

Management starts with approval

Let members recognize the goals of the Organization, recognize the actions of other members, and respect wisdom. The stronger the sense of identity, the stronger the root of the team's executive power. This is like the strong cultural characteristics of the military, and the strong executive power of the military.

Intelligence comes from thinking

Knowledge alone is far from enough. Success requires wisdom rather than knowledge. Knowledge is only the basis of wisdom. Wisdom is generated from knowledge. Knowledge can be understood in a narrow sense as professional skills, or as a whole person's life experience.

People with less knowledge use the power of people with more knowledge to succeed.

Wisdom = meditation + collision

Knowledge can be converted to wisdom, either through thinking collision (brainstorming) or through meditation (Epiphany ).

Too much knowledge can be an obstacle and a stumbling block to action. Appropriate knowledge is the best (Knowledge poisoning ).

It is a Buddhist term that allows a person to think about the most essential things and gain wisdom in a "settled" state.

We are doing too much and thinking too little. We do not lack practice, but lack thinking.

Learning realm

The most basic layer is experience, which allows you to gain relevant knowledge and accumulation. This is the lowest level. This isExperiential LearningWeak learning performance, strong contingency, difficult to copy, and low abstraction level.

The first level is practice, which repeats things and repeats them repeatedly to improve the success rate. This isReinforcement LearningThe learning effect is good and can be abstracted.

The top layer is practice. It is settled in a very quiet state to gain the wisdom of epiphany and improve the realm and level. This isSplit LearningYou cannot simply talk about the learning effect, because it sometimes affects people's way of thinking.


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