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This time with our Atlas ProgramI went to Microsoft to perform a test (that is, to authenticate our program. I think it actually helps them test IE7 ).

Because the project is web, only tests are performed on IE7. Other tools include Vista upgrade advisor, standand user analyzer, and application verifier.

The test process is relatively simple. In five minutes, the web program is freely demonstrated, and one of his programs records our operations and analyzes them.
The intermediate process is very complicated. Due to a problem with the machine, it can only be copied to its testing machine, and sql2005express is missing .....
The result is nothing, except for an operation error, there is no exception information.

By the way, I looked at Vista and ran very fast on 2 GB memory. In addition to a dazzling look, there seems to be any other changes on the interface.
Although I brought back a DVD installation disk and a large book about Vista, my machine cannot run at all.

Atlas is not stable. In the last showcase, a company's atals did not directly demonstrate it. It seems that the problem was solved temporarily. The road to such a product is still relatively long.

The last time I asked them a question, that is, the button error in updatepanel, but the answer is more interesting than that: the general idea is that we didn't intend to let you put the button in it.

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