Participle nlpir/ictclas2014 Word Breaker's C + + API for initial use under Windows

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Package Preparation

nlpir/ictclas2014 Word breaker Download package


Operating system windows

After unpacking the word breaker download package see

What is needed here in Windows is data, NLPIR.h in include, Win32 NLPIR.libNLPIR.dll in LIB, and how to use the file for later.

Create a new project in Dev C + +

Copy the above data, NLPIR.h, NLPIR.lib, NLPIR.dll to the project Nlpir working directory,

Right-click Nlpir-> Project Properties

In the "Parameters" screen, click "Add Library or Object", add NLPIR.lib, confirm

Test examples

1#include"NLPIR.h"2#include <stdio.h>3#include <string.h>4 intMainintargcChar*argv[])5 {6 //Sample1:sentence or paragraph lexical analysis with only one result7     Charssentence[ -];8     Const Char*Sresult;9     if(!nlpir_init ())Ten     { Oneprintf"Init fails\n"); A         return-1; -     } -printf"Input sentence now (' Q ' to quit)!\n"); thescanf"%s", ssentence); -      while(_STRICMP (Ssentence,"Q")!=0) -     { -Sresult = Nlpir_paragraphprocess (Ssentence,0); +printf"%s\ninput string Now (' Q ' to quit)!\n", sresult); -scanf"%s", ssentence); +     } A nlpir_exit (); at     return 0; -}

Test effect

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Participle nlpir/ictclas2014 Word Breaker's C + + API for initial use under Windows

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