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To a certain extent, the website loading speed is the key to determining the success of the website. If you are the website owner, you must know the importance of website speed. No one is willing to wait for a long time to open a webpage. In other words, if your website is opened slowly, a large number of visitors will be lost, and the domino effect may even be adversely affected.

We recommend 12 well-selected website loading speed and performance testing tools to help you quickly and comprehensively understand your website loading speed and performance.

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1. Google PageSpeed Insights

The website speed and performance testing tool is introduced by Google. It analyzes the webpage content to provide developers with suggestions for improving the website loading speed. The PageSpeed test includes mobile devices and desktop devices, allowing your web pages to be quickly loaded on all devices.



2. Yslow

YSlow is one of the most common website performance analysis tools.WebDevelopers, especially front-end developers, must be familiar with this feature. YSlow provides you with suggestions based on a set of high-performance web page rules, and how to optimize it to make your website faster.


3. Pingdom

Pingdom is a great tool that helps users determine website loading times and generate a large number of reports, such as page size, browser cache, and performance grade. It allows you to track performance history and perform tests from different geographic locations. Check the loading speed of each element on the website online and generate a detailed test report to help you easily optimize the website.


4. Load Impact

Load Impact helps youWebThe application performs load and performance tests. Select a global load zone and test the customer simulation, bandwidth, data acceptance, requests per second, and so on. The tool displays a beautiful chart to measure the loading time.


5. Which Loads Faster

This is an open-source tool that allows you to compare the speed of two websites online, such as Google vs Bing and Apple vs Adobe, to help you know which website is loading faster.


6. Show Slow

Show Slow is an open-source tool that helps you monitor various website performance metrics. Able to test the website status in YSlow, Page Speed, WebPageTest, and dynaTrace AJAX Edition.


7. GT Matrix

GTmetrix can help you develop websites that are faster, more efficient, and better user experience. GTmetrix combines the most popular Firefox Performance Component YSlow with Google's Web speed testing tool. Gtmetrix scores the target website and provides suggestions for improving the existing problems of the website.


8. Neustar Free Load Testing & Performance Test

This is a tool that quickly generates website performance data. by monitoring and loading the target website, you can quickly solve website performance problems.


9. Web Page Analyzer

Web Page Analyzer is a powerful speed testing tool that provides you with analysis and descriptive website test results and how to improve it. It provides various functions such as webpage speed reporting, loading time, analysis, and recommendations.


10. WebPage Test

With WebPage Test, you can run simple tests or perform advanced tests, including multi-level transactions, video capturing, and content blocking. Your results will provide a wealth of diagnostic information, including the resource loading waterfall chart, page Speed Optimization check and improvement suggestions.


11. Free Speed Test

Free Speed Test is an online website Speed testing tool. It checks the loading time and Speed by multiple data centers around the world. This will allow you to know the actual loading time of your website in every corner of the world.


12. Octa Gate Site Timer

It allows you to monitor how long it takes to download one or moreWebSite Page. When a page is loaded, SiteTimer calculates how long each project needs to be downloaded, how much data is included, and then displays the information in a table.


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12 Best Free Website Speed Testing Tools

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