Passive System in Smart Home scenarios

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The smart home manager Smart Control System is an automated and smart home control system. The system can operate based on the subjective consciousness of the master. A finger on a mobile phone is a command, and a small action is like triggering the organs of our system to let him complete a series of work. Sometimes we don't need to touch our fingers, because smart systems can not only decode our active operations, but also decode time, location, temperature, humidity, and other related variables. We can set various passive functions for the system based on the parameter changes of various variables. Multiple passive functions are combined to form a scenario.

In Smart Home scenario mode, the passive system sets the morning mode, lunch break mode, and night mode based on the time variable parameters. For example, when you get up in the morning, the curtain will automatically open, and soft music will automatically sound. After lunch break, the coffee machine will automatically heat up a cup of coffee, and the headlights in the sleeping room will automatically turn off the light. After the dream, the light will also turn off the home to enter the security status. During sleep, the master gets up and goes to the toilet. The light goes on in turn, and then automatically closes when lying in bed. After sleeping, adjust the temperature to the appropriate temperature to avoid the host from catching cold or waking up.

Smart Home scene mode the passive system detects the number of people in the room at any time based on the temperature variable parameters. When the owner goes out to the room, the system automatically switches to the security mode. Doors and windows air conditioners are automatically disabled, and the infrared ray environment detection system is enabled. Once the door and window changes are detected and there are strangers in the Room (room theft), the system prompts the person that the smoke content is too heavy (fire) if the fire protection function is automatically enabled and the natural gas leaks, and the natural gas leaks or power usage exceptions occur, the smart home system will automatically power off and shut down the natural gas. At the same time, the smart home system will automatically push the alarm information to the owner. The owner decides the handling method and can forward the alarm information to the property for handling.

Smart Home scene mode the passive system automatically identifies sunny and cloudy days based on the Environment's humidity variable parameters, automatically adjusts the window switch status in rainy or snowy days, and automatically dehumidifies or adds wet. Prompts the owner about precautions for going out. You can also use the smart wearable tag device to prompt the location of the child and perform dangerous behaviors at any time based on the variable parameter changes. For example, when a child secretly runs to the kitchen to play the tool system, the system prompts "the child is dangerous to play the knife in the kitchen"; "the child is dangerous to open the gas"; "the child is dangerous to climb high ".

The smart home scene mode passive system can set various scene modes for Human Services according to different daily needs. Read the full text

Passive System in Smart Home scenarios

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