Password cracked esxi reset root password

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When you forget the root password of ESXi, and the host is not joined to Vcenter. What to do?

Let's reset the root password, but keep the virtual machine data inside.

Get ready:

An ESXi CD-ROM. My system is Esxi5.5, so I have prepared the Esxi5.5 CD-ROM. Other versions of the same


1. Insert the installation disk into the optical drive and restart the server from the CD drive. Go to the Installation screen and select the Esxi-5.5 option.

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2, install the interface, press ENTER

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3, press F11 Select Agree, enter the next step.

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4, waiting for scanning equipment.

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5, go to select the hard disk interface, select the first hard drive.

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6, to this step is very important. When you select the first hard drive, it scans to see if the ESXi system is installed on the hard drive and installs the system directly if the ESXI system is not installed. If so, "ESXi and VMFS found" will prompt you to choose the installation mode.

The first is to upgrade ESXi, preserving the data

The second is to install ESXi, preserving the data

The third is to install ESXi, overwriting the data

The third is definitely not optional, otherwise the data will be lost. If you select the first, the data will remain but will not be prompted to set the root password. So to choose the second, the data will not be lost and can achieve the effect of resetting the password.

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6. Choose keyboard language here, by default you can

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7, finally to set the password this step. The root password set here is equivalent to resetting the previous root password.

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8, start the installation.

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9, has been installed to complete! Reboot directly so that the root password has been reset to complete.

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10, the rest of the work is to reload the inside of the virtual machine.

Open Vcenter-vsphere Client (if not to download, this can be connected to ESXi for management), enter the IP address, the account is generally root, password is the password just reset

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11, after the connection, you will see the host on the connection, select this host, and then select the right of the "configuration", "Hardware" box, select "Memory".

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12. Then select the disk that your virtual machine is installed on and right-click on "Browse Data store".

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13, open the data store, you will find the original folder to store virtual machine. Click the virtual machine folder you want, locate the file that ends with. VMX, and right-click Add to Manifest. Select the host you want to add. This will restore the virtual machine! The boot operation is OK.

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Password cracked esxi reset root password

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