Password-free SSH link between host and Docker container, ssh password-free connection between container and container

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(1) Pull a new CentOS image for Docker pulls centos:7.2

(2) Running a container, ready to install the necessary environment

Docker run--privileged--dns controler--name slurm_control-i-t-v/container_data/:/data C Entos:centos7/bin/bash

(3) Install the SSH environment inside the container

Yum Install wget vim

wget-0/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo Http://

Yum Cleal All

Yum Install passwd

Yum Install Openssh-server

Modify container Password (advance yum-y reinstall Cracklib-dicts)

echo "123456" |passwd--stdin Root

Generate a Public private key:


CD ~/.ssh/

CP Authorized_keys

Prepare before opening (the following instructions go straight to the carriage)

Ssh-keygen-t rsa-f/etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key

Ssh-keygen-t dsa-f/etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key

Ssh-keygen-t rsa-f/etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa_key

Ssh-keygen-t rsa-f/etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key


Exit the container and make it into a new container


Docker Stop 2ba4a64c7f80

Docker Commit 2BA4A64C7F80 Docker_ssh

Docker run--privileged-i-T Docker_ssh/sbin/init (stuck in the current interface, re-open a new terminal, enter the container inside the sshd service)

Docker exec-it Af40bd07fa0f/bin/bash

Systemctl Restart Sshd.service

echo "123456" |passwd--stdin Root

Netstat-nplt|grep 22//View status

Yum Install-y openssh-clients

(6) Exit the container and copy the ~/.ssh/ of the host to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in the container for password-free login

Execute on Host

Docker CP ~/.ssh/ aea267757cc9:/root/.ssh/

Authorization code to append to the container after entering the container

Docker Attach Aea267757cc9

Cat >>/root/.ssh/authorized_keys

Production complete, backup as new mirror

Docker commit AEA267757CC9 Ssh_docker1

Docker run-d-P 221:22--name ssh_container2-h slaver1-v/container_data/:/data f57ef7db72aa/usr/sbin/sshd-d

Secret password-free connection test on host

ssh-p221 Root@lcoalhost

The host already has a password-free login to the Docker container

(7) To prevent Docker from starting IP changes each time, use a custom network after each skin freeze adds a new container to the host column in

Docker Network Create--SUBNET= Shadownet

Installing two nodes for a Slurm cluster one is a compute node one is controlled, one is used to compute nodes

Open three containers in the same way, Controler,slaver1,slaver2,

Docker run-d-P 220:22--name ssh_container1-h controler--net shadownet--ip "slaver1:172.18.0. "-v/container_data/:/data 0bedf27156e7/usr/sbin/sshd-d

Docker run-d-P 221:22--name ssh_container2-h slaver1--net shadownet--ip "controler: 0 "-v/container_data/:/data 0bedf27156e7/usr/sbin/sshd-d

The test between the container and the container starts here.

Then go into a container, use: SSH (controler,slaver1,slaver2 any one,) and then link the other two Docker containers

Okay, so far, all two links: Host <-----> containers, containers <------> Password-free login between containers completed

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