Password Recovery for routers

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I. Experimental objectives

1. Master the password recovery of the router

2. Understand the router startup process

Two. The experiment topology diagram

Three. Experimental requirements

If you forget the password that was previously configured by the router, reconfigure the new password by setting

Four experimental steps

1. Restart the router while pressing Ctrl+break, the router enters Rommonitor mode

2. Modify the value of the configuration register to 0x2142 (the default is 0x2102), when the router ignores Startup-config configuration and goes directly into setup mode.

3. After the router reboot, enter configuration mode, load the configuration file

Router#copy Startup-config Running-config

Destination filename [running-config]?

504 bytes copied in 0.416 secs (1211bytes/sec)

4. What passwords are configured through show run

Enable Password JFKDJSFK

Line con 0



5. Reconfigure the privileged password and console password

Router (config) #enable Pass 123

Router (config) #line con 0

Router (config-line) #pass admin

Router (Config-line) #login

6. Change back to the register value and save the configuration

Router (config) #config-register 0x2102

Router (config) #exit


Building configuration ...


Finally reboot the router to verify that the modification was successful.

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