pat:1030. Travel Plan (AC)

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#include<stdio.h>#include<string.h>#include<algorithm>Usingnamespace Std;Constint maxv=510;Constint inf=0X3FFFFFFF;int n,m,s,d;Number of cities, number of highways, starting point, end pointBOOL VISIT[MAXV];Whether the tag has been traversed in the Dijkstraint GD[MAXV][MAXV];Storage Distance Mapint GC[MAXV][MAXV];Storage cost diagramint D[MAXV];Shortest pathint C[MAXV];Lowest costint PRE[MAXV];Recording precursorvoid Dijkstra (int s) {memset (visit,Falsesizeof (visit));Initialize tagsForint i=0; I<n; ++i)Initializes an array of precursors pre[i]=i; Fill (D,d+maxv,inf);Initialize the shortest distance to infinity d[s]=0;The distance from the starting point to the starting point is 0 fill (c,c+maxv,inf);Initialize minimum cost to infinity c[s]=0;Starting point to start point cost is 0Forint i=0; I<n; ++i) {int min=inf,u=-1;Forint j=0; J<n; ++j) {if (d[j]<min && visit[j]==False) {min=d[j]; u=j;}}if (u==-1)Illustration not connectedReturn visit[u]=TrueForint v=0; V<n; ++V) {if (visit[v]==False && Gd[u][v]!=inf)V is not accessed, and u can go to v {if (D[v]>d[u]+gd[u][v])Distance, updated with minimum distance {d[v]=d[u]+gd[u][v]; c[v]=c[u]+gc[u][v]; pre[v]=u;}Elseif (D[v]==d[u]+gd[u][v])The distance is equal, by the lowest cost update {if (C[v]>c[u]+gc[u][v]) {c[v]=c[u]+gc[u][v]; pre[v]=u;}} } } }}void DFS (int S,int v) {if (s==v) {printf ("%d", V);Return } DFS (S,pre[v]); printf"%d", v);}int main () {Fill (gd[0],gd[0]+maxv*maxv,inf); Fill (gc[0],gc[0]+maxv*maxv,inf); scanf "%d%d%d%d" &n, &M,&S,&D); for (int i=0; i<m; ++i) //storage city distance and charge status {int u,v; scanf ( "%d%d" &u,&v); scanf ( "%d%d",& GD[U][V],&GC[U][V]); GD[V][U]=GD[U][V]; GC[V][U]=GC[U][V]; } Dijkstra (S); DFS (S,D); printf ( "%d%d\nreturn 0;}          

pat:1030. Travel Plan (AC)

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