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I submitted my resume to Microsoft for an internship two days ago. The website requires less than 200 kb, preferably 100 kb. However, my resume is 1.5 MB. I think of many methods to compress.

First, I removed all the pictures in my resume and found that there were more than 900 K. Then I reduced the original two-page resume to one page, which is strange, and there were more than 500 K.

I wanted to give up. I thought about whether my resume template was copied from a file with many resume templates. I guess it may be because of some formats or settings that do not exist in this resume.

Therefore, I thought of Using WPS. I downloaded Kingsoft's latest WPS software and installed it. Open the document with WPS and save it. This DOC file is reduced, but it still does not meet the requirements. When I want to re-create a resume without using a template, I think of a method.

First, open the DOC file with WPS, then open the word, copy the content in the DOC file opened by WPS to the word, and save it. The format has changed a bit, but it is amazing to find that, document programming dozens of K, just adjust the format slightly.

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