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Many friends have talked about how to turn a path into a constituency in fireworks, but in fireworks MX, there has been an increase in the ability to convert paths directly into selections, and there are workarounds in fireworks 4.0 or earlier.

  One, Fireworks mx in the method

For convenience, let's take a simple round a and rectangular B as an example and prepare to make the circle a a selection. Of course, we can also do some complex path, the truth and method is the same.

1. Create a new document and draw the circle A, rectangular B, respectively, at two layers, using the drawing tools. As shown in figure:

2, respectively will a,b into a bitmap, Modify>flatten seletion (shortcut key: ctrl+alt+shift+z).

3, on the Level Panel (windows>layers), select the layer of rectangular B, hold down the CTRL key is not loose point round a layer, at the point of the mouse becomes the selection state.

The rectangle on the layer board is always the active object, indicating that we have been manipulating only on object B. :

When selected, the working document area is as follows, where the ant line is surrounded by a selection that is transformed by a circle a:

4. If you press the DEL key on the keyboard at this point, the rectangle will be removed from the circle area.

In the third step, Ctrl-click on the closed path (can not be converted to a bitmap), is the theme of how to convert the path to a bitmap.

1, closed path into the selection, closed path fill color can not be empty.
2, the rectangular B must be converted to a bitmap, in order to press the CTRL key does not loose point circle a layer, to get on the rectangular object of the circle a selection, otherwise will go to the operation of the round A.

Now let's look at a specific application example.

As shown in the figure, we use the path of MX into the selection of the way to pull out the image below a separate picture.

The image above is a PNG file that is opened with fireworks and contains a closed path that can be used for practice.

The specific steps are as follows:

1. Use Pen tool to draw the edge path of Figure Avatar.

2, use any color as the fill color of the closed path, and then convert it to a bitmap. :


Workspace Layer Panel

3, on the Level Panel to select the object with color characters, hold down CTRL, point just transformed the bitmap.

4, copy the contents of this selection to the Clipboard, and then create a new document, paste. As follows:

There's a way to convert a path to a selection in fireworks MX, so how do you do it in fireworks 4.0 or later?

  Two, Fireworks 4.0 or lower version of the method

There is no way to convert a path directly to a selection in fireworks 4.0 or earlier, but almost all of these operations can be done with mask (masking/masking).

Take the circular A and rectangular B above as examples, if you want to get the area of circle A in rectangular b in fireworks 4.0 or later, just fill in the circle A with black , and then select both objects, select modify>mask> The Group as Mask is OK.

Note: If you do this in fireworks MX , you need to fill the circle A with white , and in MX, the white represents the visible part.

Here we still use the path to get a part of the color head as an example, explain the practice of mask implementation.

1, the same, use the Pen tool to draw the edge path of the figure avatar. You can also use the PNG source file provided above for practice.

2. Fill the closed path with black (#000000), fill in the MX with white (#ffffff), as shown below:

3, at the same time select the closed path and color pattern objects,modify>mask> Group as Mask, we will get the results. The following figure:

In the process of using mask above, the closed path is never converted to a selection, but according to the simple principle of mask black as visible (MX white), by changing the fill color of the closed path, we reach the goal of controlling what we need. That is, use mask to convert the path to "constituency".

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