Pattern in natural language processing (pattern 0: Pattern ubiquitous pattern)

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Modes in natural language processing
Mode ubiquitous Mode)

Zhang junlin

Timestamp: 2010


For the concept of mode,
Technicians should be familiar with this. The four-person masterpiece "design patterns" has become a classic. So is the pattern limited to the software design field? Obviously, the initial four-person-to-one inductive design model is also a model in the architectural design field. The natural language processing field also has a pattern. The pattern here is mainly for relevant professional researchers. It can be considered as a help for researchers to understand the research pattern of a certain field at a macro level. Of course, I believe there are similar research models in any other research field. Therefore, this can also be considered as a mode, that is, a mode.
Mode: ubiquitous mode.

The so-called pattern is everywhere, that is, there is a pattern in any field, such as the pattern in historical events.
If you have read some history, you will find that many people make a lot of decisions in many occasions and the results of their decisions are very similar. Here is clearly the shadow of the model, do you think the war of resistance against Japanese aggression is very similar to that of the Three Kingdoms? Can the relations between the Communist Party of China, the Kuomintang and the devils, and Decision-Making correspond with Wei, Shu, and Wu? In fact, in an abstract step, you can sum up three basic models of the political entity game. This is a historical model. Similar, such as political models, economic methods, technical means, and so on in a variety of fields, traces of this model are almost everywhere, few without exception. This indicates that the mode is everywhere.

Think deeply, what is the pattern? The so-called mode is a systematic summary of past experiences in a certain field. No matter which field, as long as this field already exists
So there is experience
Experience, success, failure, and experience can be evaluated.
Analyzing and summarizing the experience evaluation is the mode. So
Mode is everywhere
Because experience is everywhere, patterns are essentially an empirical way of thinking.
Is an induction method. The mode helps you quickly grasp the experience that has been shared by others and help new users quickly get started with complex problems. However, relying solely on the mode is hard to create new things.
If you can combine the Limit Method
To guide the actual
Create new things. That is to say
Experience Summary
Limit Method
Apply proven models to unused fields
New output
Form new experiences

This is the true power of the model.

Back to the patterns in Natural Language Processing Research, International Conferences on natural language processing have
ACL, coling, emenp
Wait, if you keep track of the conference papers and sort out the research progress in sub-fields, you will find that there is a fixed research model in the research in this field, the development of its sub-fields has a path to follow or even predict its development direction. For example, for example, statistical machine translation, adding sequence adjustment to the translation of the original word pair, and adding sequence adjustment to the translation of the phrase pair, the development of popular string-to-tree ing and the ing between tree structures is very clear. This trend is also a concrete manifestation of the research model, if experienced researchers can easily see their overall development trend, it is very helpful for your choice of subject.

I have been familiar with many doctoral students in the past. I have never been confused about how to innovate. I have read a lot of papers, but I have no idea about my own ideas. In fact, this is caused by insufficient understanding of the research model, I believe if you are familiar
Common Research Models in the field of research are very helpful for some theoretical exploration and innovation.

In subsequent articles, I will gradually
Several common
The research models in the field of research are listed one by one, sharing ideas, and inspiring others.

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