Pay attention to architecture issues when selecting a Web application scan Solution

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Pay attention to architecture issues when selecting a Web application scan Solution

As attackers are increasingly cunning, the manual methods for locating and testing Web applications are far from enough. Appropriate Web application scanning solutions can help enterprises systematically discover Web applications running on the enterprise network and determine whether these applications are vulnerable to attacks, it also helps enterprises understand how to fix vulnerabilities while protecting their businesses. With today's precise automated scanning technology, enterprises can test all Web applications (including those in development and in use) regardless of the number of applications ). What features and functions do enterprises need when selecting a Web application scan solution?

This article focuses on how to select the architecture, or provides the best choice for enterprises:

1. Is the Web application scan solution a software product or a cloud service?

Web application scanning software installed by enterprises on the network requires enterprises to purchase, configure, and manage servers, run backups, and handle patch updates. However, modern cloud-based Web application scanning solutions (or software as a service SaaS) do not require enterprises to invest in purchasing equipment or to continuously update or back up databases. This solution can be used in a browser and can be easily expanded to solve new applications, new users, and locations, and the cost of use is more predictable. In addition, cloud-based solutions support objective tamper-proofing methods for data storage.

2. Can the Web application scan Solution scan various Web applications?

Today's Web application scanning solutions should be used at all stages of the enterprise application lifecycle (development, testing, or production application ). Modern Web application scanning solutions should enable users to scan and track all enterprise applications (internal applications and Internet-oriented applications, enterprises can use a tool to learn the unified security situation of all their applications.

3. Can multiple users use the Web application scanning solution at the same time?

Modern Web application scanning systems should be able to provide different people with information about different applications at the same time. For enterprises, it is important to find a Web application scan solution that is easy to use and allows multiple users to scan and report at the same time without conflict with each other.

4. How does the Web application scan solution handle the problem of multiple locations?

How to deal with multiple locations is an important aspect of the differences in Web application scanning solutions. There are three solutions or technologies:

Local products: the company installs Web application scanning software on the internal network to scan applications in the network. Such products may cause bottlenecks when the enterprise's network is slow or congested, or when the firewall reaches Internet applications.

Basic SaaS: some Web application scanning solutions only check external internet-oriented applications.

Cloud Service: modern Web application scanning solutions from the cloud can scan applications in multiple locations at the same time. These solutions are relatively secure and use remote-managed scanners (physical devices or virtual machines). enterprises can install these scanners in different parts of the enterprise network to perform efficient internal scanning, and minimize the impact on other systems.

5. Should enterprises sacrifice some firewall functions?

Enterprises should never open special ports on the company's firewall to deploy Web application scanning solutions, because this will undermine the security of enterprises.

6. Is the Web application scan solution integrated with other systems?

Web application scanners can be a key security intelligence source for other security and compliance systems. Enterprises should select solutions that can be integrated with popular Web application firewalls, and of course strong application programming interfaces (APIS) that can be integrated with Enterprise Security Information and event management (SIEM) or risk management (ERM) integration.

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