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The popularity of wireless network applications has led to the increasing demand and purchase of wireless network devices. For common users, some wireless network devices cannot be well selected. Next, we will introduce how to purchase routes and network cards in the home wireless network group.

To build a home wireless network, it is actually very simple. As long as there is a Wireless Broadband Router and a wireless network card, we will introduce the typical home computer configuration of "desktop + notebook" as an example, because the prices of wireless routers and wireless NICs are low, wireless routers and wireless NICs are usually only 100 yuan (many laptops integrate wireless NICS). Therefore, it is easy to build wireless network hardware. However, there are still many precautions when purchasing wireless network devices:

One of the wireless network devices: Wireless Broadband Router

The price of a Wireless Broadband Router is usually about 150 yuan, such as D-Link and TP-Link. Some brands of wireless routers have a higher price, generally, you can choose a product with a moderate price.

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing a wireless router:

(1) Pay attention to the number of wireless router ports

The ports of a wireless router are divided into two types: LAN ports and WAN ports. The WAN ports are used to connect to the Internet, while the LAN ports are used to connect computers in the LAN. During the purchase, we want to ask how many Ethernet ports the product provides and the interface speed is. The number of interfaces must be greater than one or two interfaces on the home computer, in order to facilitate future expansion, while the interface speed is mostly 10/100 Mbps adaptive. The WAN Port provided on the router is used to connect to the interface of the external network, usually the RJ45 interface. Currently, most wireless routers provide four LAN ports and one WAN port.

(2) Pay attention to supported wireless protocol standards

Currently, the 802.11g standard is a popular standard for wireless LAN. Because the 802.11g standard is compatible with the 802.11b standard and has a higher speed, it has replaced the 802.11b standard, and the latest 802.11n product has also emerged. However, for home users, 802.1n standard products are more expensive than 802.11g products. For common network applications, the 802.11g standard product is sufficient.

If you select an 802.11g standard wireless router, the wireless network adapter can only get high speed if it is 802.11g standard.

(3) transmission rate and distance

At present, the 54Mbps wireless router can basically meet the needs of small-scale WLAN establishment, without blocking the network bandwidth. Therefore, you can choose a 54Mbps wireless router. For the Mbps product, please wait and see.

In addition, the distance between wireless devices is also very important. The higher the transmission distance, the wider the signal coverage. At present, the transmission distance of most wireless routers can reach more than 150 in the room, while it is farther away outside, which can reach 300 to 800.

The transmission distance depends on the specific environment. If there are many indoor walls, thick walls, microwave ovens, cordless phones, etc., the actual transmission distance will be smaller than the theoretical value. When purchasing a product, if our network environment is complex, we try to select a product with a relatively large transmission distance theoretical value.

(4) gain antennas for wireless devices

In a relatively closed home environment, the gain of the Zhongtian line is very important because the microwave RF technology adopted by the wireless router is determined. It can only be transmitted in a straight line and has poor diffraction capability, poor ability to penetrate walls. Therefore, we should try to purchase products with high-gain antennas. If not, we may need a wireless router with detachable antennas. The antenna is detachable so that we can easily replace the gain antenna.

Option 2 for wireless network devices: Wireless Network Card

In general, the laptops of the Chinese company are equipped with wireless NICs. If your laptop is not supported, it doesn't matter. You only need to purchase an external wireless network card. The price is about-yuan. Pay attention to the following points when purchasing a wireless network card:

(1) Pay attention to the classification of wireless network cards

Wireless Network Interfaces can be divided into two categories, USB and PCMCIA. NICs with different interfaces are applicable to different computers, purchase Based on your computer's actual situation.

(2) maximum transmission distance and transmission rate

When purchasing a wireless network card, some users may look too much at the "coverage" indicator in the product description, and think that they can access the Internet at high speed within the maximum range indicated. In fact, you cannot take a fancy to this indicator because the coverage of the wireless network card is only a theoretical value, and it will be affected by the surrounding environment. It is particularly vulnerable to interference from other wireless network devices and radio wave devices.

In fact, products of famous brands have little difference in the maximum transmission distance, so you don't have to worry too much about this indicator. In addition, some users only care about the transmission rate of the product. We usually use 54 Mbps, so some friends may think it is better if they see Mbps. This is a one-sided view. The transmission rate is not enough, but the transmission rate is not enough. It also integrates interface types, price brands, encryption mechanisms, and other parameters.

(3) Pay attention to WEP Encryption

WEP (Wired Equivalent Protocol, Wired Equivalent confidentiality Protocol) is a security Protocol defined in the IEEE 802.11 standard, mainly used for wireless LAN (WLAN) data is encrypted between two wireless devices. Currently, most wireless network devices use this encryption technology. Generally, 64/128-bit WEP encryption is supported, and some support up to 256-bit WEP encryption. For home users, many people ignore the security of wireless networks. When purchasing products, they do not care much about WEP encryption, even products with the WEP encryption function do not set a password during use, which is very dangerous.

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