Pay Treasure Friend Group multi-person transfer operation course

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1, into the mobile phone payment treasure application of the main interface, at the bottom of the navigation to select "Friends." (Make sure Alipay Wallet is updated to the new Blue 9.0 version)

2. Click on the "+" button in the upper right corner of the selection interface and click on the "Launch Group chat" option in the menu that pops up next.

3, the successful launch group chat, in our payment treasure Friend Select to pull into group chat friends, click the "Build Now" option, and then began to choose to pay treasure friends.

4, the page will be prompted that we have successfully established a payment Baoqing, in this group, we can not only carry out the operation of the transfer, but also like the micro-letter group, QQ group that chat.

5, need to enter the payment Baoqing chat interface, click on the chat interface "+" button, in the next pop-up menu click the "Transfer" button.

6, at this time into the transfer process, then need to select the transfer of friends. To make a transfer, tap the "Start" button.

7, start to select Friends, click on the right button to add, and then click on the upper right corner of the interface "OK" button.

8, click the following interface appears in the "Payment Amount Input Window", enter the transfer amount can be.

9, after the completion of the payment will automatically calculate the total amount of transfer, while displayed in the window interface. Click the "Pay" button when you are sure. The payment password can be successfully transferred after correct verification.

Warm tip: Although there are a number of rapid transfer of money, but the transfer time, each friend's transfer amount is the same, if you need to transfer different amounts of friends, this method is rather troublesome. In addition, the payment Baoqing provide not only the function of transfer, but also support the location of information sharing, chat, collection and other functions, small partners can go to experience oh.

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