[PB] Create and call COM in pb9

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Creation method:

1. Create a workspace

2. Create an application under workspace (assuming the name is myapp)

3. Create a custom class,

You can create a function in custom class.

4. Create a project

Select COM/MTS/COM + Component Wizard

Enter the Project name

Select a custom class

Set Interface Name

Set Program ID string

The default value is PB90. [custom class name]. We can modify it. (assume that it is changed to PB90.cus _ class7. This name is the class name called in pb)

Set Com Class Name

The default value is coclass _ [custom class name] (assuming coclass_cus_class7, this name is the class name called in VB)

Select register components upon successful build

5. generate DLL

Select the newly created Project, right-click, and click deploy

This completes the creation of COM.

 Call method:

1. in VB

Create a VB project and add reference pb90 generated typelib for: MyApp. dll

Note that the red part is the output DLL file name, which is generally the same as the application name.

Write code:

As new myapp. COClass_cus_class7
MsgBox a. dog

Apparently, this COM is used through [Application name]. [com classname.

2, in Pb

Int intValue
Oleobject objOle
ObjOle = create OLEObject
IntValue = objOle. connecttonewobject ("PB90.cus _ class7 ")
If intValue = 0 then
String v
V = objOle. dog ()
Messagebox ("ss", v)

Apparently, this COM is used through [program id string.

Tests show that the calling methods in VB and Pb are different.

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