PBR Case: Telecom users through the Netcom server map extranet address access to the server, can not access?

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environment: R1 (Netcom router) has nat to the extranet, r2 nat to the extranet. Intranet run OSPF Span style= "font-family: ' Times New Roman ';" >R1 and r2 OSPF

If A(telecommunications) users at home, access to Netcom's router and then access to the Netcom server, found that the non-pass.

Reason: BecauseR3GiveAback to the information, the address has made a switch, the destination address is the address of the telecommunications, arrivedR1,R1did aNAT, there is no address in the address pool, so it will beR2The default address of the redistributeR3to theR4again toR2again toA,AIt's illegal to see the source address sent over.IP, so throw it away.

This is formed, and the path to and fro is inconsistent.

Solution: From R2 interface layout a PBR, as long as the data from the Netcom is forwarded to R1, let R1 forward. This makes it possible to go back and forth in a consistent way.

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PBR Case: Telecom users through the Netcom server map extranet address access to the server, can not access?

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