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Beautiful industrial controls. since personal development does not have the energy and time to complete large-scale and practical PC programs, it is even more difficult to display Realistic Graphics. using professional external controls is a good selection order, the key to saving time with external controls is that the program to be written is more professional. The author believes that the boss is an iocomp series of external controls in industrial control, and iocomp is used in the industrial control field to provide powerful functions and display effects of various instruments.

Iocomp ultra pack control is a control set that is fully written by C # and utilizes the advantages of GDI +.

Installation. They are used to generate an instrument control with an expert look, you do not need to work hard in the attribute window to find this

Attribute. Its custom attribute Editor provides a simple and quick attribute configuration method. The ultra control package provides

55 expert controls and drawing control package components. Iocomp plot pack is brand new, 100% hosted

Advanced, high-speed, easy-to-use, real-time rendering controls. There is also an OPC server .....


  • Control Type:. Net/ActiveX/COM
  • Available platforms:. NET 2003/2005/Visual Basic 6.0/Visual C ++ 6.0
  • Delphi/PowerBuilder/asp/C ++ Builder
  • Control Type:. Net/ActiveX/COM
  • Available platforms:. NET 2003/2005/Visual Basic 6.0/Visual C ++ 6.0
  • Delphi/PowerBuilder/asp/C ++ Builder
  • Chart object
  • Scientific chart object
  • 3D scientific chart objects
  • Polar/Smith/rose object
  • Pie Chart object
  • Http://www.gigasoft.com/evaluation.html
  • Software homepage: www.iocomp.com

    Second, the CST series are also rare industrial controls.

    The graphic (Instrument) component package is designed for simulation, industrial automation, science, instrumentation, and other data graphics fields.

    Of course, they can also be used in general-purpose software systems. This package includes the animation flow direction.

    , Alarm, measurement, bar chart, led, meter, digital tube, counter, percentage, selector, Slider,

    Switches, trend graphs, and other components. These components are very useful for building realistic man-machine interfaces and processing real-time data.

    I believe they will be widely used in more and more fields and industries. The control has an Interface

    It is user-friendly, easy to operate, and highly scalable. Therefore, you can use these components to easily expand your business.

    A variety of data graphics, the entire design process does not need to be programmed. The graphics (meter) package will be provided for you

    Provides a powerful Virtual Instrument and meter tool library, which can greatly improve development efficiency and reduce development costs.

    The cost of sending, programmers can also get greater convenience.

    ActiveX, VCL, And. NET components

    Address: www.cstsoft.com.cn

    In addition, the symbol series is a high-level graphics library that contains thousands of pre-configured workers.

    Industry graphics. There are also professional industrial control panel, buttons, instrumentation controls .. The

    The image is the most lifelike.



    The best graphics class is proessen

    Proessenis a powerful chart control that provides almost all the forms of curve display. In the demo of this control package, it provides more than 1000 different curve display functions, it can be used in scientific computing, industrial control, financial statistics, and other industries. It also supports multiple development tools and provides the following methods for programmers to call:. Net (winform), ASP. NET (webform), ActiveX, DLL, and VCL. Proessenprovides three versions: Pro, standard, and lite. The Pro version is the most complete version with no restrictions. The standard version supports a maximum of 8000 data points and 800 annotations. Lite version supports 1000 data points and 100 annotations.

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