PC-side and mobile development differences in the front-end eye

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According to yesterday, this bun will be summarized in the front-end development, PC and mobile end of the difference, finishing these differences, this bun will start to tidy up the PC-side layout, will write the actual code, or that sentence, I hope the article has any shortcomings, we can make a lot of corrections, we progress together, to become an excellent front- ~ ~ > O < ~ ~ ~

The difference between PC-and mobile-side layouts

The 1.pc end has no touch of various events, the mobile side has no mouse move in the move out event, but the pc side has

The most common layout on the 2.Pc side is a fixed width of 980px(also 960px,1000px, 1200px), and on the mobile side, because there are many Web pages can be viewed horizontally or vertical screen, and many of the screen's hungry resolution is not the same, so long as the involvement of the mobile side to consider the use of responsive layout

3.Pc Layout Consider more browser compatibility, but on the mobile side, consider more phone compatibility, because the phone model type is very much, resulting in screen resolution is not the same

4. Mobile Touch pop-up phone keyboard processing is also a problem that will not be encountered on the PC side.

5. The JS frame is not the same for Mobile and pc -side

There are many 6.Pc browser cores,webkit,Gecko, .... , but the browser core of the mobile side is relatively single, basically are WebKit and webkit related blink

The interaction of the 7.Pc side is the mouse, the keyboard interacts and the mobile end becomes the touch, the gesture interaction

Good good study day up!

PC-side and mobile development differences in the front-end eye

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