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PC-lint, which is integrated into Keil. It is easy to use and has powerful functions. Everyone may help you and take every colleague seriously.

Information such as PC-Lint warning and info can be filtered by adding and deleting options in the configuration file. For example, when using the realview compiler of Keil, the configuration file is Keil/ARM/bin/CO-RV.LNT.

For example, to filter information such as INFO 830: location cited in prior message,

Add-e830 to the configuration file.

To see this information, + e830


-- Author:Yalta
-- Time: 19:51:05
--Keil μ vision3 using PC-Lint
1. Open Keil μ vision3 and open the project to be checked.
2. Open the Tools menu, select setup PC-lint..., and open the PC-Lint options window.
3. Click the four edit icons (new, delete, move up, move down) in the upper right corner to set PC-Lint include folders. Locate the related folder (including the INC folder itself) in the "C:/Keil/C51/INC/" directory according to the header file (. h) name in the C source file ). For example, "C:/Keil/C51/INC/" and "c:/Keil/C51/INC/Atmel /".
4. set the lint executable path to "X:/(directory of PC-Lint)/LINT-NT.EXE" and the configuration file path to "C:/Keil/C51/bin/CO-KC51.LNT ".
5. Click Tools --> lint... to run PC-lint in the current C source file. Click Tools --> lint all c-source files to run PC-lint in all C source files of the project.
6. After running PC-lint, check that the information is displayed in the build column of the output window. Double-click any row of information. The Compiler automatically locates the corresponding program segment code.
7. compile the information. You can view the description of the information in msg.txt.

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