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0.PCATTCP Introduction

The predecessor of PCATTCP is Test tcp,test TCP is the native tool of the BSD operating system, which is used to test TCP or UDP communication speed through console input parameters. The project was launched in 1984 and the source code for the tool is now open. PCATTCP is the Windows porting version of test TCP and is a Windows console program for testing TCP and UDP traffic speeds.
installation of 1.PCTATCP"1" Download the executable file and source code package, download the URL "2" To extract the executable file to a file, such as D:\tools "3" to add D:\tools to the environment variable path
2. Simple TestThe test requires two devices to be involved, and the IP address of the two devices should be logged before starting.     For example, in this case, the two devices. The device a server-side IP address is the device B client IP address for where device A is connected to the router via a network cable, and device B is connected to the router via WiFi.
The input pcattcp-r-C parameter-R of the device a console indicates server-side mode, which is in the receiving State. The parameter-C indicates that the device is working in continuous mode. The control output is shown in the image below, and the feedback from the graph shows that pcattcp works on port 5001. The specified port can also be modified with the-P parameter.
Figure 1 Device a works in server mode
The device B console enters Pcattcp-t client mode and sends it.
Figure 2 after device B works on the client mode input command, the PCATTCP tool sends some column packets over the network, by default, the size of a single packet is 8192 and the number of packets is 2048. At this point, the TCP transmission speed from device B to device A is 2311.71kb/s.
3. Modify ParametersThere are often limitations in the general testing process, such as the length of packets or the number of packets, at which point the-L and-n parameters can be exploited. PCATTCP-T-L 1024-N 1024 client mode, sending. -l The packet size is transmitted, at which point the length of a single packet is 1024 and the default size is 8192. -N sends the number of packets, at which point the number of duplicate packets is 1024 and the default packet count is 2048.
Figure 3 Modifying packet length and packet count client: pcattcp.exe-u-t-l 1024-n 10240-p 16666 server:./pcattcp-r-u-p 166664. Reference materials"1" Official introduction and use Instructions http://www.pcausa.com/Utilities/pcattcp.htm "2" pcattcp instructions Live

Pcattcp-h Pcausa Test TCP Utility V2.01.01.13 (Ipv4/ipv6) usage:pcattcp-t [ -4|-6] [-options] host [< in] Pcattcp-r [ -4|-6] [-options > Out] Common options:-4 use IPV4 (default)-6 use ipv6-l # Length of BU FS read from or written to network (default 8192)-u use UDP instead of Tcp-p # # port number to send to or listen a T (default 5001) Can specify multiple sequential ports two ways:-P #first-#last-P #f irst+ #additional-S toggle Sinkmode (enabled by default) Sinkmode enabled:-t:source (trans
               MIT) Fabricated Pattern-r: sink (Discard) all received data Sinkmode disabled: -t:reads data to is transmitted from Stdin-r: writes received data to stdout-a align the start of buf Fers to this modulus (default 16384)-O start buffers at this offset from the modulus (default 0)-V verbose:print More statistics-d SET so_debug socket option-b # # SET Socket buffer size (if supported)-F X format for rate:k,k = Kilo{bit,byte}; M,m = Mega; G,g = giga-c-t:send continuously-r: Accept multiple connections bind to local host I Nterface IP address Options specific to-t:-N # Number of source Bufs written to network (default 2048)-D don ' t b Uffer TCP writes (sets tcp_nodelay socket option)-W # # Milliseconds of delay before each write (default 0)-R # # de  Sired transmit Data rate in Bytes/second Options specific to-r:-m concurrent tcp/udp multithreaded for -S, only output full blocks as specified by-l (for TAR)-T "touch": Access each byte as it ' s read

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