PDF conversion to HTML is so easy

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To facilitate cross-platform file transfer, the user makes the file into a PDF, but the HTML is the best format to share when placing the file on the network. In order to be able to convert the PDF into HTML page format, easy for users to open and read directly through the Web browser, online sharing more convenient.

Quick PDF Conversion to HTML Converter is a small file conversion software, but you can convert PDFs to HTML, Word, Excel\ppt, and so on. For PDF files that contain passwords, you can also use a program to complete the conversion.

STEP1, first of all we want to make sure that our computer has been downloaded and installed the PDF conversion tool, save the path to select Desktop C drive.

STEP2, now, we have to do is, with the left mouse button click the software icon two, the interface above the format type ", will show all the text type, find" file to HTML ", and check;

STEP3, to add a PDF file, there are two ways: one is to directly drag the desktop saved PDF files into the file list, and click on the "Add File" button, click on "Desktop"-"PDF file"-"open" to complete the text upload work;

STEP4, after setting the custom file save path for HTML text, use the left mouse button to click the large "Start conversion" button at the bottom right of the software. Use these four steps to complete the operation of converting PDFs into HTML.

Summary: Users need to search the Internet to find the software, need to download the installation, for batch file conversion also need to purchase a formal version to achieve. Although this software is not perfect PDF software, but it is a small series used by the conversion effect of a better one, the correct rate of more than 95%, so the user after use or need to do appropriate proofing before.

Convert PDF to HTML converter http://www.duote.com/soft/14450.html

PDF conversion to HTML is so easy

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