Peanut Shell release Remote management platform intelligent device for real-time monitoring

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Beijing time July 1 10:00, peanut Shell ( company issued a "Peanut Shell remote Management" platform. This platform is mainly used to manage the embedded peanut shell, such as the embedded management of the peanut shell in the Qnap Nas, Raspberry Pi, polar route, magic bean router and other intelligent devices to realize real-time state monitoring.

"Peanut shell Remote Management" Platform for smart device embedded users to provide a unified management platform. Through the login account, you can enter the Peanut Shell remote Management interface, real-time Status monitoring status, select accidental offline IP hold, diagnostic and line settings.

According to L.S, director of Peanut shell, "since 2015, our research and development team has been embedding peanut shells (intranet version) in the major smart devices. At present, the Peanut Shell (intranet version) has been completed in the Qnap Nas, Raspberry Pi, polar route, magic bean router and other smart devices embedded. The release of the remote management platform is also for the convenience of users on a platform for these embedded peanut shell intelligent equipment real-time monitoring, to achieve unified management. ”

The peanut shell embedded in the Raspberry Pi realizes the innovation breakthrough of the second turn peanut stick, the user can use the Raspberry Pi embedded in the Peanut Shell (intranet version) to realize the Web site, SFTP remote transmission and other applications.

In the Polar Route 3, the Magic bean route and so on embedding also realizes the intranet penetrates. Can realize in the network environment, quickly for enterprises to build video surveillance, external network access to intranet ERP/OA/FTP download enterprise-Class remote connectivity solutions. Individual users can also build SOCKS5 proxy server, open VPN in intranet environment to realize multi-access management system.

Peanut Shell ( is the largest domestic user volume dynamic domain name Resolution service provider, focus on dynamic Domain name analysis industry for ten years. Peanut shell Dynamic Domain name resolution software, can be built through fixed domain name access to the remote services, remote management. Widely used in website building station, video surveillance, ERP/OA and other remote access.

Today, many broadband operators are assigned to more and more users of the intranet IP, or the original public IP, is now changed to intranet IP. Peanut Shell (Intranet version) is born, can realize the internal network penetration, that is, in the intranet environment dynamic domain name resolution.

Peanut Shell (intranet version) in the intelligent device embedding, can help users to achieve internal network penetration, dynamic Domain name resolution. To realize the network environment without public IP and no-port mapping, video surveillance is set up for other Internet computers to access, and still support the function of public network edition.

Peanut Shell release Remote management platform intelligent device for real-time monitoring

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