Pebble smart watch Trial commentary

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The Watch's dial is well polished and has a richly coloured multi-layered polycarbonate dial border. Pebble smart watch overall weight is particularly light, only 38.2 grams, but the workmanship is very delicate to feel very solid. The side and back of the watch are black and completely sealed (water resistant to 5 meters in depth). On the right side of the dial is a three-hour watch button: Up, select, down, and the left side is configured with a back key and a magnetic power connector. The development team said that the watch's built-in battery can be used after each charge seven days Pebble smart watch configured 12,000 countries Portugal series 6-inch backlit electronic Tag Heuer Imitation paper screen (resolution 144 x 168, only black and white color), the resolution is low, but the display is not bad. With a Bluetooth 4.0 radio module, vibration motor, accelerometer and compass, the watch has some interesting new features, such as tapping the bezel of your watch to light the screen. The user interface of this watch is simple and intuitive, using the top and bottom two buttons to switch between menus, using the Select button to determine the options, and the Back button to return to the previous level menu. Software tuning work is done very well, the system runs very smoothly, the user interface is very quick and quick on the main menu has three built-in clock display mode, a music app, an alarm app, a settings menu and a "start" guide to the Armani couple on the table. Using apps developed by the development team on iOS or Android devices, you can use Bluetooth to transmit up to 8 clock display modes/applications to your watch. Pebble smart watches also receive SMS, email and other notification reminders (such as imessage, Google Talk, and social network reminders). The application on the watch can turn the device into a AVRCP-compatible remote control. The Settings menu allows you to control Bluetooth, time, and screen settings. Http://[email protected]@@@@@

Pebble smart watch Trial commentary

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