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1, Azureus ( This is the Java version of Betorrent, the latest version The source code downloaded directly from the Internet is not built, and the library used is not in the package. Can go to: place to find. The significance of our research is mainly to refer to its algorithm.

2, Shareaza ( This is the C + + version, his greatest feature is the integration of multiple popular peer-to-file format support, with it can download electric donkey,. Torrent, etc., the current version is Yes: EDonkey2000, Gnutella, BitTorrent and GNUTELLA2 (G2) all support, the interface is also cool, support skin changing. You can download the source code build directly (IDE environment is. NET).

3, Icecast ( Give people feel relatively simple, the main realization of the MP3 network play, can be used to build network radio.

4, Peer Networking Theory ( This is a few of the University of some peer field of scholars together, called: Peer Networking Theory, I think the greatest value is that Some papers can be found on the above.

5, Theora ( For the present understanding, he is doing such a thing: "Free video Compression" that is: the freeware video compression algorithm, can download the library file (written in c), currently supports: "A year After getting import and export to Theora, Cinelerra now have distributed Theora encoding support, which makes the Ora content creation much faster. " That is, it is meaningful to have support for distributed coding.

6, Peercast ( "Peercast is a simple, free from the listen to radio and watch video on the Internet. It uses peer technology to let anyone become a broadcaster without the costs of traditional streaming. This means your get to hear and watch stations not normally found on commercially funded sites. "Simply speaking, it's a peer-to-peer streaming software that can be used for internet radio. Ability to traverse firewalls, NAT, and more. Source code acquisition, need to use "Subversion" (this thing is designed to replace the CVS, really good, free research, you can go to "" see instructions), Address: svn:// (as if to choose under, otherwise will get down several versions of the code), you can also find me.

7, FreeCast ( "FreeCast is a Java application which allows peer-to-peer streaming. It makes possible a stream broadcast to a large number of listeners from a simple DSL connection. " Java written by peer-to stream in the application, download:, active code, can study.

8, ACTLABTV ( This page is introduced

9, Trevbus ( is the author in the engineering degree paper developed, "Trevbus would enable content streamers and others to pool their unused Bandwidth so content streams can is sent to a large audience ". Software Requirements Description:, Software Design Documentation:, theoretical basis. :

10, Stream2stream ( Java language-developed peer streaming media system, "Stream-2-stream implements Multicast+, a next Generation streaming protocol. Multicast+ is more efficient and requires less bandwidth than direct streaming (e.g. shoutcast/icecast). Stream-2-stream (abbreviated "S2S" or "S2S") stations has no user limit; Stations can is set up without paying a fortune for bandwidth. Stream-2-stream saves bandwidth by passing streams from one peer to another through multicast and unicast peer, rather than Everyone getting a stream from the one central server (shoutcast/icecast). "MORE:

11, P2pradio ( Java language development of peer-to audio and video services and client systems, "P2p-radio can distribute audio streams in the MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats and video streams in the NSV format over the Internet. This is the done in a peer-to-peer. The broadcaster doesn ' t need to send the stream to every single listener, because the listeners distribute it among Themse Lves. "Seems to be good for learning, as if it were a semester paper for students. Detailed Description: Http:// 12, Nodezilla ( This is a Java-written security, Distributed and highly fault-tolerant routing system. His main goal is to provide the bottom layer for distributed applications (chat, high-definition video multicasting, file sharing, secure file storage). Currently built applications include: Anonymous File sharing, hierarchical multimedia streaming, Digital photo sharing with selected friends, distribut Ed Bittorrentstore Database, User driven storage/retrieval of objects. For details, see: Http://

13.P2P on-Demand Live Open source project: P2pcenter
Using the platform:
Client: Windows Platform
Servers: Windows & Linux

Main functions:
Transmission of data using UDP, can effectively penetrate the firewall, in a further version will be implemented TCP and UPnP penetration
Can realize streaming media on-demand and live, but also can share other files, file types are not limited.
Streaming media files support a wide range of applications, such as Rmvb,wmv,flv,mp4

Source Code Download Forum: Download Address:
SVN Address: Https://

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