Pema Chuchu: Cultivate equal heart

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2014-05-03 Positive Energy Positive Energy

Positive Energy

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Function Introduction a healthy, positive, optimistic, give people upward and hope, prompting people to constantly pursue, let life become a complete happiness of good friends! Every morning, we give you a daily selection of positive energy to help you start a day of good work and life!


open up to all sentient beings and welcome to all kinds of life visits
The practice of equality is to learn to open up to all sentient beings and to welcome the visits of all kinds of life. Of course, when some of our guests visit, we feel fear and disgust. If you have the ability to do so, you may want to open the door slightly, if necessary, close the door. The cultivation of equality is to be gradual. We vow to learn love and courage throughout our lives, regardless of what situation we are in-sickness, health, poverty, wealth, sadness or joy-we welcome them and are willing to know them.
the way to cultivate an equal heart is to train awareness.
When you feel like you are attracted to or have a reaction to disgust, but have not solidified into persistent or negative emotions, you should be aware of your own truth. We need to train ourselves to live in the soft zone of the heart, and use the inner prejudice as stepping stone, to connect with the confusion in others ' hearts. Strong emotions are very useful. Any kind of bad emotion within you can be used to develop a sense of connectedness with others, to help us experience the aggressiveness and desires of others--who, like us, fall into the two-dollar confrontation of hope and fear. So that we can understand that all beings are in a boat. We urgently need to develop more insights to help ourselves understand what brings happiness and what causes pain.
Even after years of cultivation, we will continue to strengthen our anger. However, our horizons will widen if we can touch the weak and naked helplessness at the bottom of disgust, rage or any kind of emotion. At that moment, if you can choose to be content with the emotional energy of the present, without breaking out or suppressing it, it is the open-minded mind of training equality and surpassing right and wrong. The quality of the four immeasurable hearts is so developed: we practice to perceive how the heart freezes into rigid ideas and try to make it soft. Once the heart softens, the inner barrier is put down.
Notice when you're open--without any praise or condemnation
When walking in the street, you can also carry on the practice of equal heart. No matter who you meet, try to stay awake, that is, to maintain emotional honesty and open your mind to others. When we pass by certain people, we must be aware that our hearts are open and closed. Be aware of whether you are attracted to each other, or feel disgusted or indifferent, without adding any criticism. We may feel sad about a life, because she looks very depressed, or someone smiles at us and feels happy. Sometimes there is no reason why we feel fear and disgust in some life. It is the foundation of this practice to pay attention to when you are open and closed-without any praise or condemnation.    This practice can be an eye-opener in the city as long as you walk a street. When we create an open and relaxed mood that does not fall into any prejudice or preference, there is an equal heart. At this time can be for themselves, for their loved ones to make a vow, hope that everyone can live in the freedom of liberation. Then we extend our wish to friends, irrelevant people and enemies. Then we vow that all of the above will be able to live in equality, and then extend this desire to all sentient beings in time and space: "May all sentient beings dwell in the heart of equality, away from passion, aggression and prejudice." ”
to live fully and thoroughly.
"The Mercy Sutra" says: "With infinite heart, we will cherish all life, and on the three and the next three Tao of all sentient beings to release the light of Love." "To repair the same heart is to train themselves to expand the ability of empathy and compassion, all inclusive of good, evil, beauty and ugliness." However, unbiased equality is not the same as the ultimate peace. It refers to the complete face of everything that comes before us. We can also call it full and thorough to live.
The practice of equality requires us to put down some baggage: for example, we only welcome things that make us happy. It takes a lot of courage to continue to face a variety of situations, and this courage usually stems from compassion for yourself and time for yourself. If you have been doing this for a while, you will feel your heart and mind becoming more and more open. People often ask me how long it takes to fix it, and I always answer: "At least for a lifetime." ”
Source: "When Life Falls"

Pema Chuchu: Cultivate equal heart

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