"Pending" Win10 installation of the VS2017 15.3 release prompt failed to install package "MICROSOFT.NET.4.6.FULLREDIST.NONTHRESHOLD.RESOURCES,VERSION=,LANGUAGE=ZH-CN".

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Win10 Install VS2017 15.3 version of the time, the above error log prompts, how to solve the wow?

This problem, at first I thought was caused by the path problem where my installation package was located, but I moved the installation package to the root of the disk to install it, and this problem still occurs. The problem remains unresolved and a solution is being actively sought.

There was a problem with the installation.

You can troubleshoot package failures in the following ways:

1. Use the following search URLs to search for solutions for each package failure
2. Modify the options for the affected workload or component, and then try the installation again
3. Remove the product from the computer and install it again

If the problem has been reported on Developer Community, you can find the solution or workaround here. If this issue is not reported, we encourage you to create a new problem so that other developers can find a solution or workaround. You can use the Provide feedback button to create a new problem from the Visual Studio installer in the upper-right corner.


Search URL
https://aka.ms/VSSetupErrorReports?q=PackageId=Microsoft.NET.4.6.FullRedist.NonThreshold.Resources; Packageaction=install; Returncode=5
More Information
executed command: "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\VisualStudio\Packages\Microsoft.NET.4.6.FullRedist.NonThreshold.Resources , Version=,language=zh-cn\dotnetfxlatest-x86-x64-allos-chs.exe "/q/norestart/skipenucheck/keepaupaused/ Chainingpackage Visual_studio_15_setup/ceipconsent/log "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\dd_setup_ 20170924100756_002_microsoft.net.4.6.fullredist.nonthreshold.resources.log "
return code: 5
return code details: Access denied.
C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\dd_setup_20170924100756_002_ Microsoft.net.4.6.fullredist.nonthreshold.resources.log
workloads are affected
. NET Core Cross-platform development (microsoft.visualstudio.workload.netcoretools,version=15.0.26720.2)
. NET Desktop Development (microsoft.visualstudio.workload.manageddesktop,version=15.0.26606.0)
ASP. NET and Web development (microsoft.visualstudio.workload.netweb,version=15.0.26724.1)
Visual Studio Core editor (microsoft.visualstudio.workload.coreeditor,version=15.0.26606.0)
components are affected
Live Unit Testing (microsoft.visualstudio.component.liveunittesting,version=15.0.26720.2)
Microsoft Test Manager (microsoft.visualstudio.component.testtools.microsofttestmanager,version=15.0.26606.0)
Visual Studio Core editor (microsoft.visualstudio.component.coreeditor,version=15.0.26606.0)

The whole text is as above. corresponding to the following:

Pending resolution WIN10 install VS2017 15.3 Release prompt failed to install package "microsoft.net.4.6.fullredist.nonthreshold.resources,version=, LANGUAGE=ZH-CN ".

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