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How to Set up the linux apache mysql standard?
This is a Sina video show website that features entertainment, that is, a place where beautiful sisters sing.

Don't talk nonsense. Let's get started.

Use wvs to scan the directory to see what is available

I can see what xiamu can use, so I went shopping on the website.

If you see a forum, go directly to the Forum.


If you see a registered place, you can directly register it without any nonsense.

After registration, let's find the upload tool.

You can see this page, but it's impossible to go over anything.
Let's change our minds.
In a difficult situation, I have been uploading files. I 've been wandering around the forum for a few minutes.
Haha, you can try it when you see the post. You can also try it if you don't try it. Haha

See an illustration and try it with a try.
It's amazing that I can also upload illustrations locally.

Click images after uploading

This result--I always think there is a problem here. Check the source code as follows:

If you have an oday, you can create a 1.php.jpg image and upload it.

Upload a one-sentence Trojan knife Link


High Permissions
Direct Elevation of Privilege
The Elevation of Privilege is not described in detail ........... It's root.

Here, I would like to thank for the help of the Black Hat Security Team's bad prawn team.

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