Peng Jinsong, CIO of Sinochem: IT governance makes IT clear to me

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"IT governance is indeed amazing. It is a complete world view and Thinking Paradigm that guides enterprises to make correct it decisions ." Peng Jinsong, General Manager of the Information Technology Department of Sinochem group, said, "IT governance, like ERP, is the result of the best practices in the industry. Of course, it must end up with specific methodologies and tools, just like ERP will eventually fall into the systems products of SAP, Oracle, and other vendors. IT governance focuses on performance and implementation through COBIT ." Peng Jinsong, General Manager of the Information Technology Department of Sinochem group, attended the COBIT-based IT governance training sponsored by itgov China IT Governance Research Center and won the COBIT international qualification certification issued by ISACA. It is precisely the acquisition of relevant knowledge that has promoted Peng Jinsong's breakthrough transformation to the Thinking Paradigm of traditional informatization construction, and started to use it in work practices-to get rid of the traditional methods: select a product, ask for the price, find a solution, and be led by the provider. Using COBIT tools for analysis based on scientific methods to help Sinochem Information Technology Department make project decisions. The transformation of this thinking paradigm is as follows. A Represents the traditional Thinking Paradigm. Its typical feature is the way of thinking in the technical line. It is far from meeting the needs of current business development and business competition environments because it deviates from the customer-centric thinking. B diagram shows the scientific method, which is based on business needs, from business strategy to IT strategy, from IT Strategy to it control policy goals, to implementation of IT control policy goals, which processes need to be delivered, in these processes, how to configure infrastructure, personnel, and other resources, and how to build a system determines the technology to be used. These contents are provided in COBIT in the form of best practices. COBIT's scientific nature is embodied in the business-oriented, it framework defined as a total of 34 process control objectives. The Information Technology Department of Sinochem group, in the "Business Continuity assurance" project, targets business needs, based on the results of the enterprise, the four process control objectives of the project are identified, namely to ensure continuity services, management service desk and events, management performance and capacity, and management data. Make sure that, throughout the analysis and preparation process, each survey document, meeting record, and every workflow are filed or executed in strict accordance with the audit guide in IT governance. On this basis, the Information Technology Department of Sinochem group, together with the solution providers, converts the above four process control objectives into specific IT project objectives and products, the first is the basic disaster tolerance capability supporting business continuity; the second is the basic governance capability to cope with increasingly complex IT environments, including reliable data backup and recovery capabilities; preliminary network, system, and storage monitoring capabilities; preliminary enterprise it integrated monitoring platform. In the final analysis, it is necessary to ensure that the network system infrastructure of various companies in the world of Sinochem is accessible, so as to achieve the business goal of ensuring business continuity. "As long as you follow the COBIT tool, you will be able to complete the concept advocated by IT governance. As long as you follow the instructions of ITIL to establish IT service processes, you will be able to achieve complete IT service management, there is no need for further expansion, no need to worry about whether there are other unexpected ones, or whether there are any omissions." Peng Jinsong, General Manager of the Information Technology Department of Sinochem group, which also has the ITIL international qualification certification, was inspired.


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