People always have helpless and wandering, this time you need a beacon.

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Fate is impossible for anyone to change, but he can decide to die or face it.

Growth is a trade, we all use simple innocence and without personnel of the white exchange growth of courage.

Some things can only talk to themselves, some secrets can only be told to friends. Some pain can only endure silently, oneself still must save by oneself. The real pain, no one can share with you, you can only take it from one shoulder, to your other shoulder.

We are all wandering children, only hope that one day, we can see their own city.

To make an effort to be a lovely person, do not blame who, do not laugh at who, also do not envy who, the sun bright, wind and rain run, do their own dreams, go their own way.

I can accept failure, but I cannot accept myself that I have never struggled with.

Many things can not be controlled, even if lonely and lonely, still have to go on, do not stop or turn back.

No one can turn back the clock and start again, but everyone can leave today to create a new ending.

Strong, not the face of sadness not shed a tear, but dry tears after smiling face after life.

Strive for a happy ending! Because life has no sequel.

People always have helpless and wandering, this time you need a beacon.

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