People in these industries will lose their jobs in 2015.

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With the rapid development of robots, many people may question what kind of work will be replaced by robots in the future. While this is a special idea for us, researchers have published two independent reports over the past two years: the time is coming to predict the expansion of the use of machine workers. The Oxford University study also found that by 2033, 45% of jobs in the United States would be automated and controlled by computers in a fairly wide range, and that the 5 jobs listed below could be impacted by robots in 2015, or even replaced by robots.

1. Sales Clerk

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Home Appliance Store Lloyd's, the 15th-largest and 34th-largest retailer in the world, has tested the concept in sub-branded orchard supply stores. It uses OSHbot (like a robot) to help customers find products through store maps and in-store GPS navigation, making them nearly 5 times times more efficient and almost infallible, as a result of the fact that human salespeople are lagging far behind machine salesmen.

2. Cleaning Staff

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In areas where Ebola virus is infected, environmental cleaners also risk being infected. If robots can be replaced, why should people risk their lives to clean the hospital? And the robot only has to work for a few minutes to get it done. This service is being provided by the American Fairfax Disinfection Service Center, which currently uses a sterilization robot to help fight the Ebola virus, which has a powerful UV sterilization cleaner that is more effective and safer than manual cleaning.

3. Hospital staff/Nurses

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Cleaning robots not only can be cleaned in hospitals, they can also do a lot of other work to save the lives of patients, because it can also replace the hospital staff or nurses, to serve the patients. A smart bed, called Epush, has the effect of having an electric motor like a car to move around, and when the terrain changes (such as blankets and tiles), it can be adjusted, and always maintain a safe travel speed, much faster than a hospital nurse pushing the first aid bed or stretcher. and more stable.

4. Athletes

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Now we can see the international robot soccer game, table tennis competition and so on. These competitions are only human races before, so it is a trend for athletes to be replaced by robots. In the future, the symbolic significance of human athletes is far greater than the practical significance.

5. Hotel Concierge

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Come to the hotel, the first time guests see is the luggage, they will be enthusiastic to help guests carry luggage, but also to the hotel guests just attentive, let the distant guests feel warm. However, this is also about to become a history, some hotels have begun to use savione robots to lead guests to their rooms, although the robot will not communicate with guests, but also do not want to tip the guests, also do not because the tip is too little to neglect the guests. For now, the robot is quite a guest, because you don't have to talk to him, and the speed will follow your pace automatically adjust, so in the future when you stay in the hotel will likely to see hordes of robots to lead guests to the room.

In addition to these five kinds of robots, we can also see many kinds of robots in different fields for human services. In the process of development, human beings are always trying to create another "self", and the robot is the representative. With the development of robots, people can no longer stop robots from becoming a "versatile" group, and in many ways they can do better than humans. (New discoveries of science and Technology, Constantine/Wen)

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People in these industries will be unemployed in 2015

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