People month Myth reading note 01

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When we just entered the software engineering study, the teacher always told us some questions about "the completion of software project development and the increase of personnel" This sentence sounds easy to understand, but the realization of it has met with considerable difficulties, this is my reading to complete the "People's Month myth" when the greatest feeling. The authors of this book, Brooks, have come to the conclusion that "adding more manpower to a project that is lagging behind will only make progress more backward". If you do not want to work overtime, do not want to reduce the function, do not want to postpone the release date, then the only way is to add people. To add enough people. And do not gradually join, be sure to join at once. Be careful that the new person may have an impact on the original organization, or have a different view of the original design, especially if I think that if there is a more powerful designer, it will be a new team. Re-exchange, train new people, agree on the design, continue to the goal of progress. This is one of the reasons for project delays.

    The main reference to project management can be seen in project estimation , organizational structure and personnel role scheduling, team building and communication, historical data accumulation and modeling, software development methodology, risk and problem management and other related content; In software engineering, you can see that architecture design guarantees conceptual integrity, overall and partial, spatial skills and program structure relationships, Product integration methods and design ideas to eliminate defects; In the process of support we can see the construction of documents and processes, software development tools for the software development process support and efficiency improvement and tool selection and other related content, back to see, found in the book still most of the content involved in the team, people and communication. For large-scale software engineering projects still emphasize the importance of people, at the beginning of the development of the professional fun, followed by the importance of communication through Babel, in the surgical team to talk about team formation and division of labor. These involve people and interactions in the team, and only a communication team with a positive mindset and passion can make a great team. From the last no silver bullet, again affirmed that the development work is a high intellectual mental work. Summarize the book, mainly on the software engineering aspects, how to configure human development. Although we do not know much about software programming, but for the implementation of software functions, programmers face the difficulty of objectivity at least I can stand a little understanding of the angle to understand them, for one or more projects said that most of the company will engage in human sea tactics, progress did not advance, but also all day overtime, the end user is not satisfied, Developers are depressed all day, the result is the user lost trust in the company, became a hammer business, the development of the old man one by one resigned, the new recruits every day, the practice did not change, the situation has not changed, the company has no development, this is the problem. The reason why people do not become a myth is because of the increase in staff and also increased communication between people. All of our progress is based on the "man-month" code output to measure the .  and increase "people" can not shorten the amount of "month".

When I was reading this book, I didn't quite understand the author's point of view and some of the jargon or metaphors he used. Because I want to understand it, and continue to give us all the explanation of the problem, especially when the author in argumentative with a lot of strange little headlines, this book let me to the software engineering program design and development of the understanding has changed greatly, I know that Brooks's success is not temporary, so I believe that his experience is enough for my life.

People month Myth reading note 01

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