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After reading this article, I was impressed. The importance of division of Labor, said that the division will have to mention the position of the leader, a team must choose a decision-maker, so in the face of big things will be decided, the team leader in the group played a leading role, the leader must according to each member's characteristics of the division of Labor, Only a good division of labor can ensure that the project is completed quickly and well. Division after the completion of the team members of the running-in period, everyone has a person's ideas and thoughts, so in a lot of things may be disputed, this time the leader came forward, the team leader to do a correct decision to appease each member of the mood, so that everyone can not take the mood to work. As a member of this group, I think everyone should also take control of their own small emotions, in a team, as long as everyone can be tolerant of a little, no matter the big things do not create a kind of injury and gas.

If I say that after reading this article is the reason of enlightenment, then after reading a programmer's blog, I get a spiritual inspiration. The blog programmer introduced him from graduation to work to the success of the process, from his first situation, it can be said that the starting point than we are much lower, that is the level of education may be much lower than the present, but the author has never given up the dream, he knew that in school due to the problem of time, must learn the knowledge is limited, He knew that he had to learn a little more in his spare time to be more employable than the other students. In this way he can be said to find a job after graduation, but to find a job is not suitable for himself, just beginning the author in a company can be said to be only the author of the job, the meager income can only maintain the household, but he did not abandon himself, on the contrary, he found the opportunity to let others find his value. The author of this point is very worthy of my study, now we are in a position to stay in the habit, do not want to change the total feel now that you can, and thus forget their original dream is what. I think now we should want to study this author, never forget their original dream is what, not complacent, should be aggressive, strive to do the best of their own.

I think that there are generally object-oriented programming people, that the most difficult and most headache is the design. A good project, design can account for at least 50% or more. The controversy over design is long-standing, in my opinion, it is determined by the nature of the industry, after all, the software industry is for other industries to serve, so the division, as the experience of the growth of business capacity is gradually greater than the ability to program, therefore, the process of decision-making business or business decision procedure becomes a materialistic and idealistic exchange of fire Although in recent years the business decision project controversy has been drawn to the first, but's forgive forget difficult to eliminate, there are still a lot of people are determined to determine the framework of the project, and then analyze the business supporting the relevant technology ideas, this part of the people, if not the process-oriented era of development, it must be nerdy. The business decision project, the project decision framework, the framework determines the programming language, in the final analysis, the fundamental reason is that the software industry is the service sector. This is fundamental, do not confuse.

A good software is to help yourself, not at the cost of hurting others. The team discussion should also be purposeful and the results will be discussed quickly.

Read the blog in the park inside the blog I have the following points:

1. We do the procedures, although every day to look at the code of Cool clan, but after all, you embarked on this road, you must try to do well, not every reading good people have achievements, in the face of social development, we have to keep up with the pace of the trend, not to be detained in the original technology, innovation is a major, the program is We are writing the premise to take into account the needs of users, to have new ideas in order to have new creations. Do things as well, can not be isolated, a friendly working environment, often get unexpected harvest.

2. Pay must have a harvest, and the harvest is good or bad is the self, not to find objective reasons, not to shirk responsibility, brave to deal with the reality, life is always bumpy, no fear, and then work hard, only to pay to harvest, no gains and pains of the United States errand. Shi Tiesheng fell and had no legs, which was a heavy blow to anyone. But instead of losing faith in life, he uses his own brain and hands to express his boundless love for life.

People, performance and ethics and related blogs

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