People (Three Kingdoms understanding)

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Void, calm (non-emotional), smug, honest, honest, mind atmosphere, anger is not in color, leave room for doing things, do not be sentimental, treat others with patience (not material stimulation, Sun Quan toast ),
True or false (it is not necessary to tell the truth all the time). There is no perfect person. The same thing, different angles, and different people will see different results.
Benevolent, derogatory, conscience, toughness, the more frustrated, the more brave, have a sense of responsibility, have a sense of righteousness (Kong Ming tears to kill the horse)
What others say to you, to find out his purpose, and not to be put at the mercy of others (CaO listens to others to praise his son), such as making people possess guns
A person is the most afraid of giving up halfway

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